An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

What I’m Watching




A rip-roaring, witty, brilliant TV show that has taken me completely by storm. I avoided this show for ages - thinking it wouldn't be my thing. How wrong I was. The characters are wonderful, the humour is totally on point and you get a little history lesson on Ireland as you go. Favourite characters include Gerry the dad and of course Aunt Sarah and our main girl, Erin.




Who would have thought that series 2 would be even better than the first but she's only gone and absolutely nailed it yet again. I think the dream casting for me is Andrew Scott as 'The Priest' - with whom Phoebe Waller-Bridge has perfect chemistry. It's seriously hot to watch. And funny. And heart-breaking. And thought-provoking. And touching. Just watch it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Sex Education



One of the best things I've seen on Netflix in recent months. And just like Derry Girls & Fleabag, I didn't stop laughing. And yet it's also so much more than that. It's a wonderful ode to American high schools. It's a touching reminder of how bloody awkward school is and how much we don't talk about really important things. And it shines a light on vulnerability and important emotions.

The Bold Type



I owe this show a lot. It's made me feel less alone, empowered, silly, and full of love for women. The characters are brilliant (my favourite is Sutton) and whilst it might seem like your airy fairy Gossip Girl style show. This is no flighty endeavour. It deals with hard-hitting issues and it doesn't shy away from the truth. I can't recommend it enough. Look out for season 3 coming soon.

friends from college



I have really and truly loved this show and, while I'm not in my 30s or 40s quite yet, I feel I can relate to so many of the emotions that it brings up. I love the characters (especially Marianne) and how flawed they are. I love the in jokes and the nuances that you might miss if you don't pay attention. I love the drama and the honesty. And most of all I love the actors. They're wonderful.


Dirty John



Based on the true-crime podcast of the same name, this new Netflix series stars my favourite, Connie Britton (she's amazing and as a side note - I've always been jealous of her hair). It's about a man who meets a woman online and deceives her about his true identity. Eric Bana also stars. I might give the podcast a listen. I love a good audio crime drama!