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What I’m Watching




I've got a previous podcast guest in it, so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. And since this is a Sunday night period drama, who can resist eh? The story has been adapted from Jane Austen's unfinished and last novel. In the first episode we saw brooding, hillside-based men (*coughs* Poldark *coughs*) and costumed fighting. Let's hope this isn't just another carbon copy and offers up some good excitement for the end of our weekends.

peaky blinders



Haven't watched it. Haven't ever watched it. It's like me-not-yet-reading-little-women-gate all over again. I just couldn't get into it. And I've heard some others say that too. Am I missing something? Should I stick at it? Is it really worth it in the end? Or is it just not some people's cup of tea? My boyfriend is into the latest season so I catch glimpses and I've got to say, despite not catching a full ep, Tommy Shelby has STYLE.




The Bake Off is like getting a hug from your mum or someone you love. It's like the world is telling you; no matter what stress, what difficulties, what clutter you have going on in your life, it'll all be OK. Because The Great British Bake Off is simply good-for-your-soul viewing. I worried when Mel, Sue and Bez left. I didn't think it would be the same. But now I can't imagine a world where the legendary Noel Fielding isn't surrounded by cupcakes.




This new series, created by George Clooney, came to Channel 4 earlier this year and it was his first launch into the small screen world for a long time. The show, based on the famous book, is honestly one of the best TV shows I've seen in a while. It's dry, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching in one fell swoop and I quite literally was on the edge of my seat. Christopher Abbot, you're brilliant.

Big little lies



What do you get when you cross a group of women with an accidental murder and a mum in the form of Meryl Streep? A whole lotta' drama, that's what. This brilliant series is back with its latest installment and with Streep in tow, I don't expect anything less than on-the-edge-of-your-seat stuff. Saying that - Shailene Woodley is my fave. I watch it mostly for her. Her and Reese.

The Bold Type



I owe this show a lot. It's made me feel less alone, empowered, silly, and full of love for women. The characters are brilliant (my favourite is Sutton) and whilst it might seem like your airy fairy Gossip Girl style show. This is no flighty endeavour. It deals with hard-hitting issues and it doesn't shy away from the truth. I can't recommend it enough. Have a watch so we can chat about it.