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What I’m Watching




I was reluctant to watch this series on Netflix. It sounded scary and I wanted to stay well clear. However, the latest series has rolled around and I started hearing some hype so I caved. It's definitely not what I imagined - it's far less subtle than I had envisaged. And I guess that's what makes it easier to watch. Plus it transports me to New York City and I'm all over that. Expect: creepiness, good acting from Penn Badgley and new privacy settings consideration!

Gavin & stacey 



I'm well aware that you probably want to steer clear of any festive entertainment now that we're in into the month of January. But stick with me - this Christmas special (and possibly the last episode of the series - ever) is still worth your time and is a must watch for anyone who needs the ending chapter to fulfill their G&S needs. It's more a Nessa and Smithy story, lets me honest. And the writers behind them have definitely done it justice. Expect laughs and tears.

worzel gummidge



I took one look at this show and thought 'nope, definitely not for me'. And then someone stuck it on at Christmas and I thought it was such a peaceful watch. What's a peaceful watch?! I hear you say. Well, something that makes you feel calm and happy, I guess. And it had a lovely message. Granted, I didn't finish it all because I fell asleep but I WILL get back to finishing it eventually. Plus, the acting from the kids is epic. Well done, casting director.

The Bold Type



I often dip into episodes of this show when I'm feeling a bit down. I owe this show a lot. It's made me feel less alone, empowered, silly, and full of love for women. The characters are brilliant (my favourite is Sutton) and whilst it might seem like your airy fairy Gossip Girl style show. This is no flighty endeavour. It deals with hard-hitting issues and it doesn't shy away from the truth. I can't recommend it enough. Have a watch so we can chat about it.

vanderpump rules



I don't like to lie about what I'm watching because I can only go off what I'm ACTUALLY enjoying and it's all about owning it, right?! So right now, VPR is making me very happy. It helps me tune out and allows me to escape to the sunny climates of California. (I often find British dramas stressful because I then feel too stuck in London). There is a LOT about this show that I disagree with but ultimately Lisa Vanderpump is a legend and I think we could all learn from her.




This series might be a few months old now but if you can still find it to watch On Demand, please give it a go. The show, based on the famous book and executive produced (and part directed) by George Clooney, is quite honestly one of the best TV shows I've seen in a while. It's dry, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching in one fell swoop and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Christopher Abbot, you're brilliant. Keep up the good work.