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THE crown



I recently finished season 4 of The Crown and couldn't have loved it more. Everything about it was brilliant; from the scenery to the costumes to the acting. Emma Corrin, as Princess Diana, undeniably steals the show, but the other members of the cast are also perfect for their roles. It's really difficult to watch at times; I know it isn't 100% historically accurate, but it does make you question a few things...




Lots of people have been going crazy for this Netflix drama, starring Anya Taylor-Joy. It tells the story of an orphan who turns her hand to chess. It's a coming-of-age show that also explores themes such as addiction and is based on a 1983 novel of the same name. It's apparently now Netflix's most streamed 'scripted limited series' show. I'm a bit late to the party on this one, so am excited to catch up.




...of Romesh Ranganathan. I'm referring, specifically, to the 2020 Christmas special, set in the Scottish Hebrides. It was so funny and so touching, I might just watch it all over again. I love Romesh and he's joined by a brilliant guy called Sweeney for this episode. I think their chemistry and banter pretty much makes the show. There's nothing Christmassy about it, really, but it's just great. Watch it, watch it, watch it.




As if this show needs any introduction. All I can say is that in isolation times, I have decided to re-watch it from the beginning. (Absolutely no time like the present). You start to notice things you previously missed and find episodes you didn't even know existed. For example, did you know Carol was originally played by a different actress or that Barry, the guy Rachel ran away from, moved on with her best friend? Yeah me neither. Winning.

The bold type



I've stuck with these glorious characters from seasons one through to three and now, I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for season four to come out. The creators seem to be teasing us here in the UK. We're not getting clear messages on when or what channel it'll be released so - frankly, I'm a bit mad. But if you want something to entertain you in the meantime, I interviewed a former screenwriter of the show - you can find the article here.




This series might be a year old now but if there's ANY way you can track it down and watch it, please give it a go. The show, based on the famous book and executive produced (and part directed) by George Clooney, is quite honestly one of the best TV shows I've seen in a while. It's dry, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching in one big bundle and I was on the edge of my seat, throughout. Christopher Abbot, you're brilliant. Keep up the good work.