An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

At The Cinema


This coming-of-age movie is directed by Olivia Wilde - the wonderful actress you might know best as Alex from The OC. I loved this film; how it defies typical movie tropes, taps into the actual humour shared by friends and takes unexpected twists. It's not perfect - don't get me wrong - but the acting is on point and the friendships are wonderful.

late night

The latest installment by Mindy Kaling. Who stars alongside Emma Thompson. I haven't seen it yet - and I've heard it misses the mark in a couple of places - but I'd still happily give up my evening to sit in a dark room and revel in it. Thompson and Kaling, individually, are brilliant. What could possibly let us down in this casting ensemble, then?


I love the concept of this film; a musician finds out that people have no idea who The Beatles are and so decides to copy all of their songs. It features Lily James (obviously) and Himesh Patel, as well as a cameo from the wonderful Ed Sheeran. Expect: light, laughter and some silliness. Not the best watch you'll see all year. But worth your time.


I really really really really was not fussed about this film. You would have had to drag me there kicking and screaming. And then something changed. People started saying it was 'amazing' or 'five stars' or 'you've got to see it'. And so now I'm obviously intrigued. Plus, the wonderful Richard Madden stars in it. He can't do any wrong!

someone great

I found this movie crushing. Crushing and heartbreaking. And yet heartwarming all at the same time - it's confusing. The cast are great. The storyline isn't too far-fetched, the friendships are hilarious, the in-jokes are something we can all relate to and it's refreshing. It's not another twenty-something movie. It's so much more than that.

eighth grade

I know it's an oldie now but I still haven't seen Eighth Grade, directed by Bo Burnham, and I'm desperate for it to come out at home. It looks raw, unfiltered and awkward - exactly the kind of movies I love. Expect: uncomfortable situations, scenes you can relate to and living with social media at the same time as growing up.