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The Gentlemen

Because of the current COVID crisis, cinemas are closed. SO, I thought I'd talk about what films I've been watching at home. Let's start with this Guy Ritchie film which you can now rent on Prime Video. I first caught this movie at the cinema and couldn't stop laughing. It's brilliant, it's sharp and it's got a perfect cast. It's Hugh Grant at his absolute best. Look out for the rescue scene with Charlie Hunnam, too. So good.


I started watching this on Netflix and then...I had to go to bed. But from what I DID see, I really enjoyed it. It's very action heavy which isn't usually my cup of tea but the fight scenes are brilliant to watch. I recently interviewed stunt coordinator, Andy Bennett, for an episode of The Screenster Podcast. It made me think a lot about Andy's impressive work and how much skill is involved to coordinate scenes like that!

darkest hour

My favourite thing about this film is the relationship between Gary Oldman's character and Lily James's character. (Look out for one particular scene where she tells him the meaning of doing 'the V sign' backwards). Oh, and Oldman's acting, of course. It's phenomenal. I watched this film when it was on the Beeb. But it's also on Netflix, so no excuses. There's a lovely scene on the tube. Watch out for that one too.

Book Club

New on Netflix. But came out a few years ago. If you haven't seen it yet, I can't recommend it enough for some light-hearted viewing. It's got all the legends in too - like Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda. I watched this before social distancing times, back with my mum, and it couldn't have been a better fit for us. And I think, at this weird time, it's a film we need in our lives. Go on....have a watch.

love wedding repeat

Another light-hearted film. Quite weird at times. But, overall, bloody funny. There's one particular scene where the 'maid of honour' is making a speech. Or trying to. And it's hilarious. I watched this with my mum (again) and I think, above anything else, my favourite thing was watching her laugh while she was watching that scene. It was like my own personal Gogglebox.

Portrait of a lady

....on Fire. Oh my. This film. Words cannot even do it justice. Portrait of a Lady on Fire was one of my favourite films to watch at last year's London Film Festival. Everything about it seemed so perfect - the casting, the on-screen chemistry, the storyline. It was just magical. You can watch this now over on Prime Video and I urge you not to watch. Do it now. You absolutely won't regret it.