An Actress's Take on All-Things-Screen

At The Cinema


I had absolutely no interest in seeing this film. Don't ask me why. But I ended up watching it at the cinema with my Dad when Official Secrets was fully booked. And I'm so glad that it was. I thought this movie was superb and it's easy to see why Phoenix will probably in the running for an Oscar. The acting was stunning, as was the cinematography, and I thought the storyline was epic. Expect a wonderful cameo from Robert De Niro too.

official secrets

A true story of a whistleblower who leaked information exposing an illegal spying operation to the press. Stars Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and Ralph Fiennes. Really want to see this and have so far tried and failed! It's had some great reviews and will definitely be the one for you if you enjoy a good spy drama. Director and writer Gavin Hood (Eye in the Sky, A Reasonable Man) is the man in charge so I'm expecting big things.

doctor sleep

Oh, The Shining. You have reared your scary head once again. And, with Halloween on the horizon, I couldn't be more excited. The last film I saw at the cinema because I wanted a scare was The Cabin in the Woods and I still haven't quite recovered. Ewan MacGregor stars at the young boy from the former cult film who is all grown up and carries his own, new and possibly even creepier demons. Expect: a terrifying Rebecca Ferguson, jumps and Ewan with a US accent.


While some viewers have issues with this film's storyline, it's Renee Zellwegger's performance that is the real showstopper here. On looks ago, they couldn't look more similiar. I'm a huge fan of Zellwegger's career and how she's managed to transition through projects from Bridget Jones to a Hollywood biopic. The film looks at Garland's life. It's sad to think how some people at the top are the most troubled of them all.


I love going to the cinema on my own but on this occasion I feel like I need to take my boyfriend's niece to make the trip feel more worthwhile. Abominable is about a Yeti who tries to reunite with his family using the help of three teenagers he befriends. It's produced by DreamWorks and it looks set to be a tear jerker. Expect: laughs, smiles and a good old family adventure. If it's available to watch at home by Christmas time, make sure you settle in to give it a go then.


Come on, everyone needs a guilty pleasure don't they? This Netflix Original film caught my eye because of it's hilarious title - brilliant pun use there, producers. And I loved the premise involving a woman who wins a house in New Zealand. I'm a sucker for anything New Zealand or Australia-related. Expect: lots of beautiful Kiwi landscapes, some brilliant Australasian actors and a nice bit of light-heartedness. I really enjoyed.