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The Screenster Podcast

I founded and host The Screenster Podcast. I chat to fellow actors, filmmakers and industry insiders about their careers, the highs and lows of the business and what they're watching. Don't get me wrong, we're not short of interviews of people in 'showbusiness'. But how many of these people are on the red carpet or directly in the spotlight? Quite a lot. So I want to talk to all the other brilliant people who aren't necessarily on that carpet (yet) but who are working just as hard. I want to get real. I want to talk about how difficult this industry really can be, what people do to survive and what television shows and films give them some comfort along the way.

The Screenster Podcast - Live on iTunes!

The Screenster Podcast is now live on iTunes and I couldn't be happier. Each week I chat to fellow actors, filmmakers and industry insiders about why they embarked on these careers, what they do to stay afloat in between jobs and what movies they're enjoying at the moment. You can find me over on iTunes and on your podcast app. Please like subscribe if you enjoy - it will help other people find it!

Mental Health in the Industry

I'm very passionate about shining a light on mental health and what we might be doing wrong. Especially within an industry that has a reputation for its instability (to say the least). I want to make people feel less alone. So I think as many of us as possible should be talking about it. And that's what my podcast aims to do.


And My Next Guest Is...

If you're interested in working with me on the podcast or joining me as a future guest, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. You can send me a little message over on the Get in Touch part of my website. Or message me on Screenster's Instagram - I accept people 'sliding into my DMs' (in a non-creepy way). 

My Guests

I've been lucky to chat to some brilliant people on the show. Guests to date have included Katie Lyons (Green Wing, Manhunt), Eddie Arnold & Tom Forbes (People Just Do Nothing, Knightfall), Joe Arnold (Orchestra of the English National Opera), James Atherton (Hollyoaks, Porters), Dan Clark (How Not to Live Your Life), Jasmin Morisson (Film Finance), Katie Redford (Mount Pleasant, Still Open All Hours) and Kelly Campbell (The Fall, Vikings).

Last Night a TV Saved My Life

On The Screenster Podcast, I talk to my guests about what they're enjoying on the big and small screen. From Netflix to Amazon Prime, old school 90s movies to the latest box office hit, I want to hear it all. We talk about what they turn to when they're having a bad day, what tv show gave them some inspiration and what they're enjoying at the moment.

Other Pod Recommendations

While some aren't directly relevant, the other podcasts that I enjoy include: Without Fail, Deliciously Ella, The Brights, Serial, Private Parts, Therapy Chat, Kermode & Mayo's Film Review, Women of the Hour, Heather Dubrow's World and Love Stories. They will, respectively, make you laugh, make you learn and keep you company.