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About Me

Me, Myself & I

Welcome to Screenster! I’m Georgie– a trained actress. I’m also a sister, daughter, best friend, girlfriend, captain of a netball team, ex Hong-Konger, host of

The Screenster Podcast and current Londoner.

Before going to drama school, I studied History at Newcastle University, travelled the world by myself and went on to work in television and film production. I love storytelling and entertaining people so I started this website both as a way to spread the message about my work and because I am so passionate about the GOOD stuff on our screens.

I don’t talk about things I don’t like. One of my favourite films is She’s the Man. I’m not pretentious. I like kind people and I promote film and TV as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’m not saying we should all sit about and watch TV all day. But when we do, let’s watch the right stuff. Life’s too short.

So join me on my journey. Stick on some good shows and enjoy ourselves. Oh and if anyone wants to look at my showreel and Spotlight CV and offer me an acting job in the process, I’m obviously all for that.

Why Screenster?

We have so much choice on our screens these days so I’m here to help you make the right decision. I don’t discuss anything reality-based. I watch content that reminds me there are still lots of decent jobs out there for actresses and actors. We know the age-old story: ‘acting’s a tough business, isn’t it?’ I get it at every dinner party, around each family friend, from every new person I meet. But here I am – talking about it when I’m not doing it instead of twiddling my thumbs. Don’t get me wrong, I love theatre and other mediums of acting as well (you can find out more on my acting career in the Acting Work section of my website) but I love our screens because they are easily accessible – I meeeannnn, have you seen the cost of stage shows these days?!

Ever watched a film or show that made you rethink a situation, treat someone better, take more risks, follow your dreams, tell someone you love them, feel less lonely, laugh, cry, build yourself back up? Me too.

Don’t like TV? Don’t worry. I talk about all kinds of other stuff as well.

Nice to meet you.

What people say about me

‘Screenster emails in my inbox brighten up my day. Georgie introduces me to so many new shows and movies that have become fast favourites. She’s got a knack for bringing in elements of her own life to all her reviews that make them so enjoyable and relatable. It’s great knowing that somewhere there’s another person watching Nurse Jackie at 10pm on a Thursday too.’



“Georgie is one of the few people on this planet who has the same somewhat surreal, offbeat sense of humour as me, and I think this is reflected in her love of certain films and TV shows – Green Wing, anyone?”



“Screenster is always my first place to go to check what exciting new TV shows I should be watching! Her friendly and non-stuffy way of writing makes her instantly likeable.” 



“Georgie, aka Screenster, makes the best film and television recommendations – I don’t remember how I coped before she started doing this. I always look to Screenster when I’m stuck for something to watch. There’s nothing like it out there and now my whole family relies on Georgie not to get lost watching rubbish anymore! “



“Georgie, can you turn the television off and help me unload the dishwasher.”