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About Me

Me, Myself & I

Welcome to Screenster! I’m Georgie.

Why Screenster?

We have so much choice on our screens these days, so I’m here to help you make the right decision.

I also host The Screenster Podcast, where I chat to people in the film and television business; from the Producer of Normal People, to Actors on Game of Thrones. You can have a listen to the show over on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Nice to meet you.

What people say about me

‘Screenster emails in my inbox brighten up my day. Georgie introduces me to so many new shows and movies that have become fast favourites. She’s got a knack for bringing in elements of her own life to all her reviews that make them so enjoyable and relatable. It’s great knowing that somewhere there’s another person watching Nurse Jackie at 10pm on a Thursday too.’



“Georgie is one of the few people on this planet who has the same somewhat surreal, offbeat sense of humour as me, and I think this is reflected in her love of certain films and TV shows – Green Wing, anyone?”



“Screenster is always my first place to go to check what exciting new TV shows I should be watching! Her friendly and non-stuffy way of writing makes her instantly likeable.” 



“Georgie, aka Screenster, makes the best film and television recommendations – I don’t remember how I coped before she started doing this. I always look to Screenster when I’m stuck for something to watch. There’s nothing like it out there and now my whole family relies on Georgie not to get lost watching rubbish anymore! “



“Georgie, can you turn the television off and help me unload the dishwasher.”