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No Time to Die: A Review


What do you get if you take a Daniel Craig, a remote island and a knitted toy called Dou Dou?


An epic Bond film, of course.


Everyone’s asking everyone if they’ve seen it and what they think of it. My answer stays the same; the ending is unexpected and it’s brilliant (and long – you will need a toilet break).


The film has it all; action sequences, beautiful locations, bulletproof cars that spin round and around and…..a very unnerving Rami Malek. It’s also very funny in places. And refreshing. You can tell that someone as talented as Phoebe Waller-Bridge worked on the script. I also really liked the cast. I’m a big fan of Billy Magnussen– he’s hilarious in films like Game Night (seriously, watch it). I loved Lashana Lynch as Nomi. Lea Seydoux returns as Dr Madeleine Swan and Ben Whishaw is the same hilarious and super-efficient Q. I would stick around just for an extended version of that scene where Bond and M interrupt his carefully-planned romantic dinner for two.


I’d really hoped to see this film with my Dad. That would have been my ideal (though, to my best friend who I went with; I love you). Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. Gives me a good excuse to go a second time…? a) because I’d still really like to see it with him. And b) another chance to get a full grip on the storyline. (Are you telling me you kept up with the plot the whole way through?!)


The second half of the film really turns things up. Bond starts to think more about the secret Madeleine has kept from him , I start to wonder whether the plot actually mirrors a lot about the pandemic and we venture over to the middle of nowhere to find out whether the 007s (yes, there are two) can take down the bad guy and his evil empire. Is it a good time to add that Daniel Craig’s grandad-collar white top is the best thing ever?


I can’t leave this without mentioning the best part of the film. And that’s Bond’s trip to Cuba. Because that’s where he meets Ana de Armas’s character, Paloma (Armas and Craig worked together on Knives Out – another great film). She is one of the most beautiful Bond girls I’ve ever seen – not the point, I know. What I like best is that her character is…she’s not that slick. And so she shouldn’t be. She downs her shaken, not stirred martini. She underplays her capabilities (I’m not proud that I do this, either). And then she comes out with some of the best action moves I’ve seen. That bit where she’s on the floor!! After the dust settles, you’re left wondering (hoping?) whether her and Bond are going to get it together. But, as they part, he simply turns to her and says ‘you were excellent’ to which she later replies with a ‘you must stay longer, next time’.


I don’t know what it was about that bit. Maybe it’s that they were absolutely not doing normal things and then said goodbye in a way that I’d say goodbye to someone at a Gail’s cafe. Maybe it’s because you still want them to have that kind of a night together. Or maybe it reminded you of those times where you meet that stranger. Share that night. And know you’ll never see them again. And it’s exciting, isn’t it? The idea that, in that moment, you could be anything.


A lover

A friend

A secret agent….?


And be a nice, courteous human on your departure.





No Time to Die is out in cinemas now.



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