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7 Questions with Fiona Button



Actor Fiona Button joined me (remotely!) for a round of questions about the shows she has starred in, how she got into the industry and what she’s watching at the moment.



You are playing Lucy in the new BBC show ‘Out of Her Mind’. What was it like working on the show?


It was a lovely experience. I loved working with Sara there all the time as it made it so easy when it came to understanding who Lucy was. The Blaine Brothers were also very nurturing directors, which made for a good on-set vibe.



You studied at Birmingham and then trained as an actor at Webber Douglas. What made you want to go on to drama school?


My best mate made me apply!! I was convinced I wouldn’t get in and that I wouldn’t be good enough/pretty enough to actually work as an actor. I wanted to go because I think drama school gives you some pretty useful tools to fall back on. I would have been terrified had I got a job having not gone. Plus, I had no connections to the industry, no family in it or anything, so it was pretty much the only way to get an agent.



With ‘Out of Her Mind’, it’s great to see another female-led series that stars its creator (comedian Sara Pascoe). Would you ever be interested in writing your own work too?


Short answer- no! I’m not a writer. Having said that, I’m full of ideas and would love to produce and direct at some point.



You’ve worked on some fantastic shows including ‘The Split’, ‘Grantchester’ and ‘Flack’. What’s been some of your favourite moments?


Getting the job?! I’d just had a baby before starting ‘The Split’, and I remember going onto set one day having had no sleep, but I didn’t care because I felt like this was something I was good at- being a new mum was WAY harder. I had just the right amount of nerves rather than a crippling amount and I felt liberated. It was great. Playing 50s dress up in ‘Grantchester’ was fantastic too.



You can also be seen in the online adaptation of ‘What a Carve Up!’ which is available to stream. I remember reading the book! What was that process like? And was it a challenge at all filming in the current climate?


The process was a quick one! An afternoon of filming and then sending in my own individual stuff later. It was nothing like the normal theatre process. Thankfully, Tamara Harvey was on set and giving brilliant guidance. Obviously everything was completely Covid secure.



Acting can be a very tough business! Especially at the moment. What do you get up to when you’re not working?


I’m not really out of work to be honest. (JOKE). The down times really are the hardest, waiting for the phone to ring. I do love getting a script through and having that focus, taping etc, it keeps me busy and excited even when it doesn’t end in a job. As I said, I am a mum too, so I feel very lucky to always be busy one way or another!



And finally! What are you watching at the moment?


I’m watching ‘The Undoing’ and I’m waiting with huge excitement and anticipation for the new series of ‘Call My Agent’. I am also massively into Strictly this year. It’s the sparkle we need …



‘Out Of Her Mind’ airs on BBC Two on Tuesdays at 10pm and is available on BBC iPlayer & What A Carve Up! runs online until the 29 November.


Fiona Button. Photo credit: Mollie Rose


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