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In Conversation With: The Costume Designer on Friends


Over on The Screenster Podcast (listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts) I’m lucky to have chatted to some brilliant people in the film and television world. From the Cinematographer on Normal People, to the Production Designer on Fleabag, as well as actors on your favourite shows like Game of Thrones, I’ve enjoyed finding out more about the shows I love and their behind the scenes magic.


One guest I was really excited to chat to, was the wonderful Debra McGuire, who worked as the Costume Designer on the show Friends, for its entire ten year run. Debra’s also worked on shows like The Morning Show, New Girl and films like Judd Apatow productions and the legendary Anchorman. I was so excited to chat to Debra about her work on Friends, because it’s a show I grew up to and one that continues to be a big part of my life. When I need cheering up, I put it on. When I need a laugh with my sister, we make sure it’s playing in the background, and when I just need the comfort of some familiar faces, it’s always there.



While familiar to watch, Friends also feels like a bit of an untouchable production – because it’s so legendary. And that’s why I couldn’t believe my luck when Debra kindly agreed to sit down and have a chat with me about her process on the show, and beyond. From Chandler’s shirts to Phoebe’s patterns, Debra breaks down how and why she chose each of the outfits. She also tells me what some of her favourite ones were, how it worked backstage and why she’ll never stop getting asked about the show.


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