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What I’m Watching in Quarantine



Whether it’s romcoms, 90s teen movies, court dramas, documentaries, reality TV, the latest Netflix binge or the show that everyone is talking about on Amazon Prime, there is literally no time like the present to settle down in front of something.


I know, I know. It’s easy to guilt yourselves over too-much screen time. And I obviously don’t mean sit in front of your telebox all day. We can still exercise (I HIGHLY recommend a Joe Wicks workout – what a legend), try and eat healthily or bake a banana bread like every other single person in the world.


But don’t feel bad – in fact, think about the good it can do. One – it encourages you to stay home. Two – it’ll take you out of your current reality and release a bit of stress. Three – it can provide inspiration for what you’re going to do with your days when we’ve finally got a bit of normality back. Four – it can help you reminisce over the fun times. And five – it can comfort you when everything else seems to be going to shit.


Here’s what I’ve been watching to keep myself occupied;



Friends (Netflix) Because it’s like getting a warm hug from someone you love.



The Morning Show (Apple TV) Fast-paced drama that’ll keep you on your toes and out of your head.



The Bold Type (Hulu) I watched Season 1-3 of this TV show on Amazon Prime. But I’ve been trying my HARDEST to find the latest Season and, finally, I found it on Hulu. I’ve never used it so I’m going to sign up for a month and have a little binge.



Unorthodox (Netflix) Gripping new series. 



Love Wedding Repeat (Netflix) A gentle but pretty hilarious new rom-com on Netflix.




Succession (Prime Video) The show that everyone’s talking about.



Almost Love (Prime Video) Looks like a good’un.



Seven Pounds (my DVD cupboard) Always wanted to watch this. Now might be the time.



The Nest (BBC iPlayer) The jury’s still out on this one but I’m sticking with it. There’s something oddly comforting about keeping up with a show you know others might be watching at the same time (in this case 9pm, Sundays).



The Crown (Netflix) Put off watching it for years. Now I can’t stop. Claire Foy is MAGICAL. 



My Big Fat Greek Wedding (DVD Cupboard) Because the scene with the bundt cake is one of my favourites ever.



The Real Housewives of New York (Hayu) I know, I’m sorry. But it’s a nice bit of escapism for me.



Vanderpump Rules (Hayu) Again; very sorry.



Love is Blind (Netflix) Compelling viewing. You might have to fast forward to your favourite couples. 



Tiger King (Netflix) Hard to watch. Chose it because every other person in the world seemed to be talking about it.



Stepford Wives (Netflix) Bizarre choice but I enjoyed it.



Sex Education (Netflix) Still SO good. I interviewed the wonderful Alistair Petrie (AKA Headmaster Mr Groff, over on The Screenster Podcast) have a listen here.





GG x


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