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Backyard Cinema in 2020


I know, I know. Cinema events seem like they’re meant for the Christmas period or for summer. I’m over it, you might think. I’m going to hibernate in my house until the sad month of January finishes. I get it. But here’s the best part: Backyard Cinema is continuing to show wonderful films well into January (and February!) and it’s still completely worth your time. Look at it this way; you can book in something to look forward to. Lots of the movies they’re showing in this brand new shiny year aren’t even Christmas related! Pretty Woman? I’m sold. Crazy Rich Asians? My favourite. The Greatest Showman?! Well OK then. It has also made its home in a trendy Wandsworth studio – complete with bars, a pizza oven and wonderful atmosphere.


The lovely folk at Backyard welcomed my sister and I to their event back when 2019 didn’t seem like a distant memory. And what an experience it was. Before we’d even made it through to the main event we were transported to what felt like a film set. We had time to walk around, take in all the kooky sights and were soon greeted by a BC member who gave us a password. (Don’t forget the password. Never forget the password). If we did, we wouldn’t have got a step closer to Aperol and a pre-movie delicious burger. We picked Home Alone; a solid movie choice from my sister and I. Last time, it was The Holiday. This year, it was a toss-up between the aforementioned adventures of Kevin, or Elf, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch that for the first time in the festive period without my mum. It’s tradition.


As we sat in our comfy chairs (sofas? Bean bags?), chewing on chocolate popcorn and sipping prosecco, I realised that, after all these years, I still learn something new about the story. For example, I’d never really taken in the fact that the old man who shovels snow outside hasn’t spoken to his son in a while or that the McAllisters go to Paris. I know they’re taking a trip (obviously –  the plot would be in a spot of bother otherwise) but I didn’t even know their destination! After all this time!


The main takeaway I have when watching these films in this kind of capacity is that warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling. It takes me back to being a young’un – curled up on the sofa with my family. Knowing that – whatever row or disagreement might have happened, it’ll all be OK in the end. Because even when you’re at these cinema events and you’re ultimately in the company of strangers, the feeling of togetherness is still palpable. It’s like someone was saying; whatever dramas are going outside – the horrible weather, the horrible London commutes, you can tune out for an hour. We’ve got you. So it’s why I thought I would save writing about this event until 2020. We all feel like we have things to look forward to in December. We get caught up in a whirlwind; of parties, of being so busy we don’t even remember if we slept. And then the new year rolls around and you begin to question if you’ll ever see the sunshine again. (In many senses of the word). So book in a session with Backyard. Watch your favourite movie. Re-connect to that feeling of togetherness. Of cosiness. And remind yourself that there is still so much to look forward to.


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