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The Screenster Podcast


I’ve made a podcast and it’s live! You can now listen to The Screenster Podcast here.



Each week, I will be talking to my guests about their careers, the highs and lows of the business and what they’re watching on their screens. As an actress, I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of attention on how difficult the industry can be and the lack of stories from actors who aren’t necessarily on the red carpet, but who are working incredibly hard nonetheless. I’ve been through my own fair share of struggles and I wanted to provide a platform on which we could discuss all these important stories and experiences. Any followers of Screenster might have already got an inkling of how passionate I am about the television and film world. I live and breathe the big and small screen and I’m always interested to know what people are watching, what has made them laugh and what has helped them in times of need.


If this podcast can provide some sense of comfort, entertainment or insight, I will be happy. I hope you enjoy!


Georgie x












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