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Christmas Companions

There’s an art to who you watch television and films with. Or rather, a strategy. Fancy a romcom? Don’t pick your friend who loves the action films. In desperate need of some Die Hard time? Try to avoid your sister who only watches comedies. Keen to show your mum a new television show on Amazon Video? Make sure it’s her bag.


Then again – we’d never discover anything new with the people we love if we always approached our entertainment like that. Besides, there’s nothing better than stumbling across a brilliant new television show and sharing this with someone. Seeing their face light up or their pulse race at something you’ve recommended. Perhaps it’s just me and my screen obsession but I’m sure we can all relate to those moments. And, with the festive season almost in full swing, there are going to be plenty.


But sometimes you’ve got to cut your losses. My boyfriend will occasionally get on board with a classic American love story (we watched You’ve Got Mail last week and Sleepless in Seattle the other day – it was a great achievement for me). But there’s no guarantee he won’t get on his phone and start playing chess tournaments half way through. It’s a bonus if he enjoys it but for maximum satisfaction, I know someone else like my friend Rachel would really get in the spirit with me. Just as Danny knows I can’t sit and watch cricket for two hours straight….

So here are my top tips for your viewing pleasure this Christmas time:


Don’t panic. You’ll be surprised how many people watch shows they wouldn’t normally choose at this time of year. 


If in doubt, stick on Nancy Meyers’ ‘It’s Complicated’. It’s a crowd pleaser and heart warmer. Along with the film, ‘Book Club’.


If your dad wants you to watch the Christmas installment of ‘Still Open All Hours’, enjoy it. These moments are precious.


(If he does, use this as a bargaining tool to get him to watch your latest DVD present).


The fact that you’re all gathered around the fire in this moment, stuffing your face with Christmas leftovers and not working, is a wonderful thing.


Don’t panic if you can’t get through all your favourite films. January is just around the corner and staying in sounds like just the ticket.


So really, viewing strategies go out the window at this time of the year. In my case, I’ll probably be too busy scrambling towards the leftover nut roast and chocolate log that I won’t even care what we’re watching (not true, but stay with me). I get the warm and fuzzies from whoever is around the box. And if they’re laughing/smiling over what’s on it – then that’s a bonus.


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