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My Valentine


Going to the cinema is one of my favourite things to do. And if you’re with your best friend/loved one/boyfriend or girlfriend/date, it’s even better. That said, I love going to the big screen on my own. I find it very cathartic; sitting there, immersing yourself in another world. The first time I did it, I watched Identity Thief after I’d had (another) terrible day at drama school. I can’t say it was the best choice of movie, but I was just desperate to escape to America for an hour an half.


Sounds like me.


When I was younger, I went on a few movie dates (it was my boyfriend who actually recommended I write this post). Namely to Staines cinema. Oh, the glamour. On one occasion I watched War of the Worlds. On another it was Flightplan. I also remember a time when a big group of us went with some boys we liked (we were about 16) to see M Night Shyamalan’s The Village. Not the obvious choice for a teenage get-your-fancy-on meet up. During another event, we took a trip to see The Hills Have Eyes (I’m not even going to provide a link for this film because I feel like my computer will get infected if I search for it). Safe to say, that was the most distressing two hours of my life.  


So these big-screen dates can come in all shapes and sizes. Fancy going to see Fifty Shades Freed with your other half? (It’s out this week and I’ve already got my tickets booked for next week. Guilty.) I certainly won’t judge you. Is seeing the latest blockbuster with your loved one, your thing? How about going with the girls to see a good ol’ romcom or something feel good like The Greatest Showman?


Whatever you fancy, here are some tips I’ve put together on how you can enjoy the Valentine’s week in a screen-themed way.



This weekend



Go and watch Christian Grey in action with your pals. Or your favourite plus one. I know, I know. It’s not the most sophisticated of film picks. But we all need a little light relief and plus I love Dakota Fanning. And. Well. Jamie Dornan.


For some laughs, have a watch of this too. Good ol’ James Corden.


Catch up with some of your favourite Valentine’s Day themed TV episodes. Like Three Valentines in Frasier (how topical – RIP John Mahoney – what a brilliant actor you were). Galentine’s Day in Parks & Recreation. The Val Day episode in Grey’s Anatomy (though you’ll have to wade past all the accidents). New Girl’s love ep. Etc etc.


It’s all there if you search for it. Otherwise, I would recommend Blue Valentine (as a sort of anti-Valentine’s film). 500 Days of Summer; it will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. The Notebook – if you really want to go for it (I think you should). Crazy/Beautiful for some old school teenage love that will remind you of your time in secondary school. The Wedding Date, because I miss Debra Messing. 5 to 7. And Like Crazy.



Those should get you in the spirit.


And next week?



Be sure to book in to see Lady Bird. It comes out in UK cinemas on 16th February and it’s hotly anticipated what with the various Oscar nods and general brilliance of director Greta Gerwig – she truly is one of my inspirations.



Oh and above all of this – use a bit of screen time for some inspiration. Brokenhearted? Stick on a film to remind you that people go through the same thing. (Movies aren’t real. But they’re still real to the extent that a few writers have sat in a boardroom thinking up these stories – largely from experience). Lonely? Watch something uplifting like Friends. The good times will come around before you know it. 


I spent last year’s Valentine’s Day skiing with my family. I was lonely as hell (well, romantically anyway), but it was the best vday I’ve ever had. My mum got me a heart shaped fluffy keyring and everything. And some Jack Wills pants.


Always Jack Wills pants. So cute.


Thanks Mum.





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