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It’s 2018


I was going to write a post on my favourite TV and film moments of 2017, but that seems so several-days-ago now. I loved La La Land, Parks and Recreation, 13 Reasons Why, Manchester By the Sea and so many more. But you all know that. And if you’re still not sure, go back and have a glance over some of my old blog posts. Why not. It’s all there.


In the spirit of the new year/new horizons vibes, I thought it’d be more apt to talk about what we have to look forward to. So have a little gander below.



Black Mirror’s new series is out on Netflix now

Some friends have told me that it’s not as amazing as the previous season, but still pretty gripping. Give it a go if you like to be freaked out about the realities of our social media world and what could actually happen in the future.



Everyone is still going mad for The Crown on Netflix

I haven’t watched it. I STILL haven’t watched it. Can you believe it. It just doesn’t really appeal to me. But if any of you think i’m missing out, give me a buzz and i’ll try it out. (DISCLOSURE: OK, I did watch a couple of episodes from the first series and didn’t get hooked..)



The Greatest Showman looks pretty fun

Have you watched the trailer? I’m sold. We could all do with a bit of singing and dancing.



Don’t be afraid to watch old shows

(…like me) I’m still hooked on Parks and Recreation and steadily making my way through it on Amazon Prime. It’s slightly behind with the times now seeing as the last series finished in 2015, but it makes me happy. So why not! I was also pretty tempted to re-watch Nurse Jackie yesterday. And then I remembered how much other television I have to get through…



Watch out for BBC Dramas

Sometimes they’re good (here’s hoping with McMafia on BBC One) and sometimes they’re not. Either way, it’s nice catching it on TV when you know the rest of the country is tuning in too.



Go to the cinema on your own

Lots of people miss out on films because they can’t find someone to accompany them to the big screen. If you’re worried about what people will think when going solo, I can assure you they really don’t give a damn. Strangers are far more concerned with more pressing issues; such as whether to mix up the salt and sweet or just go plain sweet (never go salt). Going on your own can be the most liberating experiences of them all. I remember going to watch Paterson last year without a friend. It turned out to be one of my new favourite films and it was a delightful time sitting there and soaking it all in.



Damien Chazelle has made a new film

You know the guy. The legend who directed Whiplash and better yet La La Land (don’t pretend you don’t love it – I made my boyfriend watch it at the weekend and he’s now a massive fan). It’s about the first man on the moon and it stars Chazelle’s bud Ryan Gosling and The Crown’s favourite, Claire Foy.



The man who made ‘In Bruges’, directed ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’

And yes, it’s the strangest title of a movie there possibly could be. I mean, summarise for goodness sake! But it looks pretty interesting, so i’m excited.



Sarah Lancashire is in a new Channel 4 drama starting on the 10th January

It’s called Kiki. I thought you might like to know because everyone loves Sarah Lancashire.



Steven Soderbergh (you know…the man behind The Girlfriend Experience) shot a film on his iPhone

And put Claire Foy in it. Intriguing.



You must watch the film Call Me By Your Name

If you haven’t already.



Roseanne is coming back

You remember. The classic American TV sitcom? The one with John Goodman in it? Well it’s coming back to ABC this year. And I can’t wait.




That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more blog posts on TV shows and films to look out for, films that inspire me. what my dad’s watching and more…



Happy 2018 gang. Please let’s make this one a good’un.








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