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What to Watch this Weekend


The cinemas are packed with all the films this weekend. Thank the lord. (Though i’m still mad that we see these movies about a year after our US friends). Still. I’m here to remind you of the good things to look out for. I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve barely had time to dry my own hair, let alone go to the flicks. But it’s obviously a priority for me, so this weekend i’m taking myself off on my own to sit down and enjoy the big screen. And below is a little reminder of everything I’m hoping to catch up on.


Ingrid Goes West



Now, this movie is meant to be really good because it hits a nerve. It’s about our obsession with Instagram and in turn our obsession with other people’s lives. Or rather – the lives they want you to see. For anyone my age, i’m sure you can certainly relate to this in some shape or form – so i’m really excited to see how this pans out. I think the actress Aubrey Plaza is hilarious – which helps. And Elizabeth Olsen is wonderful, so hopefully we’re in for a good time. If a little…..scary.



Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool



At first glance, I had no interest in this film. Don’t ask me why. It just didn’t appeal to me. But I dug a little deeper after reading this article and now i’m completely sold. Especially after hearing all the rave reviews at film festivals. Dad? Are you reading this? She’s portraying that woman from Oklahoma!. You know the actress. The ‘I can’t say no’ one. And it’s a story of her life when she was kicked to the curb in the film industry for refusing to bow to sexism, and found herself on the streets (not quite literally) of Liverpool where she meets a younger man.



Battle of the Sexes



It’s meant to be one of Emma Stone’s best performances and Steve Carell looks scarily like the bloke he’s portraying too. It’s about tennis. That I do know. And Stone plays Billie Jean King who went head to head with, shock horror, a man, on the playing field.



And on the small screen? (And this is based purely on what i’ll be watching of course!)



I’m still catching up on Crazy Ex Girlfriend – Season 2



You know how I talk some sense sometimes, right? Well Crazy Ex Girlfriend – as I’ve said a few times before – may seem silly on the surface but cut beneath it all and it’s bloody wonderful. Full of wit, drama and vulnerabilities you’ll forget people have.






I love Merritt Wever. Think Nurse Jackie. One of my favorite TV shows of all time. ‘Cept it’s not Nurse Jackie. At all. This is a Western. And it’s meant to be a good’un because it’s turned on its head. In that it has women all over the place. Yessssss. Go Merritt.



The White Princess



I’m still convinced this actress looks like my sister. Seriously. She really does. And I love a good period drama so i’m excited to catch up on this. It’s on Drama – which is a bit rogue (on Saturday at 9pm) and if you’re having a quiet night in and want to escape from The X Factor chaos, i’d highly recommend.



Happy viewing. Let me know what you enjoy x





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