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Thanksgiving on Screen


Thanksgiving isn’t something that’s celebrated here in the UK. We generally watch our pals across the pond have a good ol’ time whilst wondering what the hell they’re talking about. You might have caught the odd episode of Friends here, or a mention of it in a movie, there. But not for me. I love the US of A (minus the guns and well….a lot of other things) and it wouldn’t be right for me not to ignore this glorious holiday. Plus, i’m cooking a Thanksgiving meal for my friends and lining up the entertainment in the background, so I thought i’d spread the word about the best turkey-themed moments in film and television to get you in the spirit.


Friends – The One with the Rumour



You must remember this episode. Back in the day when Brad and Jen An were still the promise of a forever love, we enjoyed seeing them bicker as their on screen characters. We’re in on the joke! We thought. They love each other so much in real life! We whispered. Ohhh to be young and naive. Monica had, of course, cooked them all a Thanksgiving meal but it slowly got sabotaged when Will (Pitt) threw hate vibes at Rachel because she teased him when they were younger.



Friends – The One with all the Thanksgivings



I vividly remember this one because it was on the VHS that my Grandma gave me for Christmas one year. I used to watch it on repeat and particularly loved the moment that involved Monica trying to impress Chandler with a knife/pea display, ha (watch it here). It’s ‘set’ back in 1988 and is oh so nostalgic.



New Girl – The Thanksgiving Episode



I love New Girl. And you should too. It’s witty, it’s dry, it’s eventful, it’s family, it’s friends. It’s brilliant. OK, I apologise for saying you should watch it too – you should watch whatever you like. But I do RECOMMEND you give it a go. Zooey Deschanel is a brilliant entertainer and I love her.  Plus there’s not just one Thanksgiving epiosde – but about four. So take your pick.



Frasier – A Lilith Thanksgiving



Dad, if you’re reading this, Frasier has a Thanksgiving episode today. I hope you managed to catch it! I love a bit of Frasier sometimes. It’s old school American TV at its finest.



Everybody Loves Raymond



Speaking of brilliant American comedies, Everybody Loves Raymond of course has a Thanksgiving special. Well, it wouldn’t be the same if Ray Romano and his clan weren’t part of the fun now, would it?



Modern Family – Three Turkeys



With the amount of episodes Modern Family puts out, I’d be SHOCKED if they didn’t have a Thanksgiving one. (MF – I love you – but when are you going to say enough is enough…) Though of course I hope Phil Dunphy lives on forever, somewhere out there…



And as for film?


You’ve Got Mail



The film includes scenes in the build up to Thanksgiving. Don’t you remember?! Come on! There’s that scene in the supermarket where Kathleen has gone through the wrong queue and she needs to use her credit card. Joe Fox sweeps in,persuading the cashier to let it slide, saves the day and says ‘Happy Thanksgiving all!’ in the process. OK it’s tenuous. But this is an old school American romcom like no other and is something I think will fill you with thankful thoughts.


The Blind Side



Sandra Bullock was amazing in this film. Highly recommend. And there’s a wonderful family Thanksgiving scene in it too.



And….i’m done. There are plenty more, I’m sure, but I don’t recognise a lot of them so I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I recommended any old rubbish. So go on; have a lovely night with some friends and family. Or use it as a good excuse to sit down to a good film or TV show.




I miss you America…(here’s a picture of me and my bestests in Miami earlier this year, for good measure)




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