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The Sweet Life



Last night my friend Lou cooked me a curry. We watched 2 x bits of reality TV (sorry. don’t hate me) followed by 2 x episodes of Mindhunter on Netflix (we got to the good stuff eventually). Ian Beale the cat joined us. Ian doesn’t even live at Lou’s. He’s the next door neighbour’s cat who visits her everyday. We think his actual owners don’t really love him and so Lou’s pretty much his new mum. Lou’s convinced his name is Anne. She thinks she’s over heard the owners calling him that. Or Dan. But Ian’s definitely a boy. And Anne would be a weird name for a boy. Mind you Dan would also be a weird name for a cat. Much weirder than Ian obviously. And yes Lou and her boyfriend named Ian, Ian. Because why not?


So there we were. Reality TV episodes down. Hoodies on. Netflix’s latest TV sensation chosen. Ian on my lap. One of my best friends curled up next to me. Living the good life. And sometimes this is just what life’s about. Sofas and Netflix. Friends and food. Animals and chill. Who doesn’t love a furry friend. My dream would be having a golden retriever curled around my feet, fire on, family and friends around me and it’s Christmas time.


Keep a watch on my website for more recommendations. The nights are drawing in and the television stays on longer. Embrace it; get your friends over, tell your loved ones to come round. Your screen brings you together in wonderful ways. Happy Thursday x





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