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Letting Go

Offspring on Netflix taught me that I have a hard time letting go. See? A life lesson learnt through the medium of a TV show. How useful.


I’m a week into finishing this series and I miss it. I miss the family, the laughs, the camaraderie, the humour, the wittiness, the laughs, the awkwardness and the get-togethers. I miss the similarity to real life, the hard times that remind you others go through it too (yeah, I know they’re fake characters but it must have happened to someone else somewhere down the line for the writers to talk about it) and the oh-yeah-I-can-totally-relate-to-this moments.


The trouble with Offspring is that, this side of the pond, it really hasn’t got the recognition it deserves. And this makes me mad. So many other shows get lots of publicity and don’t live up to the hype. (*Cough* TONNES of American productions *Cough*). They’re the big daddies so they do what they want while some of our friends like the Aussies fall behind. Except they don’t. Not in my eyes anyway. Large audience or not, people still watch. And i’m one of its victims. Whether it’s making me think, making me cry or making me feel less alone about fighting with my sister . Or loving her so much that I genuinely want to pull her hair out. Or feeling like my family is totally abnormal and feeling embarrassed by it. Or remembering how great it is to have such wonderful people in your life. Or feeling like it’s OK to be awkward and nervous about situations because other people get like that too.


What i’m trying to say is that – in whatever shape or guise – these things always impact someone. And that’s priceless. And the crux of it, really. I love our screens because they have the power to make you think and to make you feel less alone. And that’s why I love the good stuff.



In the meantime, if you’ve got a good recommendation for me to fill the Offspring-shaped void in my life, please let me know! Have a lovely Thursday.




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