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Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner is phenomenal. The colour, the sound, the actors, the scenery. It’s insanely spectacular. And though this type of film wouldn’t normally be my jam, it’s the best I’ve seen in a few years. But don’t let the 5 star reviews across the board get you TOO starry eyed; be warned that the premise is bloody difficult to follow. I had to Google it in the cab on the way home….(yes I got a cab. The film started at 8 and finished at 11 – 3 hours long!) But enough rambling. If you see it, you’ll have to get your head around a few things. So to make life easy, I thought I’d break down my thoughts into a few key points.



The SOUND. Bloody hell. It was like Dunkirk; you’re constantly on the edge of your seat. And mostly….mesmerised. In one particular scene, Ryan Gosling’s character K decides to take his ‘girlfriend’ for a spin. It’s wonderful, it’s vibrant and I definitely wanted to hop in that weird car-batmobile-thing with them.


The ACTORS. Fordy, I love you. And your dog friend too. Gosling – you’re brilliant. Subtle and still powerful as ever. Robyn Wright – perfectly cast but slightly underused…? Ana de Armas – I know it’s not about this but MY WORD you are beautiful. Mackenzie Davis, your eyes scare me but you’re a terrific actress and I can’t wait to see you in more things. As for Jared Leto; I’ve heard bizarre things about his behaviour off-set (*cough diva *cough*) annnnnd to be honest I don’t really have much thoughts on his role in this.


There’s a dog in it. SOLD.


The colour and scenery is amazing. The visuals – the animations. It’s hypnotic.


It’s incredibly difficult to keep tabs on because there are so many names to keep track of/people’s past lives to understand/at times overly technical dialogue. I had to go to the toilet just to have a breather and reassess.


It makes you think about the future and what the hell is going to happen to us when stuff like this becomes more of a reality. But i’m sure we’ve had our fill of that with shows like Humans.


There is an amazing scene (that reminded me of Spike Jonze’s Her) when K uses a prostitute to act as a human substitute for his hologram girlfriend. We see both bodies and faces of the two women at once and it’s actually pretty haunting. As these guys have pointed out, it again raises a lot of questions about the impact of artificial intelligence. Can they genuinely fall in love? Can we genuinely fall in love with them? Should you be sleeping with a prostitute in the first place? Mind blown…


How can I get my hands on a dog robot? That would mean I can keep him/her in London right because then I can just put them on pause when I go on holiday and won’t feel bad?


I struggle to follow complex plots. HAS MY WORLD JUST TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND I’M ACTUALLY TERRIBLE WITH MOVIES?! Or does anyone else agree…?


Go see this film if you want to feel…empowered, thrilled, taken on a (good) ride, scared & confused. The difference it’ll make to your life? Probably not THAT much – but it’ll remind you why you love the movie world.




Have a wonderful Friday. I’m off to another screening tonight. It’ll be my fourth cinema trip of the week!










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