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There are so many exciting films coming up in the next few months. And it’s the perfect time. Snuggle season is approaching after all.


Pretend I didn’t say that. (But I sort of do mean it). Big jumpers, a fire and Netflix?! What more could you want. And no I don’t have a fireplace either, don’t worry.


You’ve probably heard about some films more than others. Like Goodbye Christopher Robin, for example. The posters are everywhere. Good old Margot Robbie. I know the producer of this film – a lovely man who probably worked his socks off on it. I mainly want to watch it because of him. This article in The Pool otherwise had a bit of an effect on me. Good point.


So in true Screenster fashion, I’ve lined up my picks of what to look out for in the cinema. There are plenty of other movies coming out. But life’s too short. Watch the good stuff. (Or at least what I think will be good).


Flatliners – September 29th

I had to search for this one. It’s not really that highly marketed. But I think the premise is great and it looks like on-the-edge-of-your-seat stuff. It’s about a group of medical students who stop their hearts for short periods of time in the hopes that they will have a glimpse into the after life. It stars the wonderful Ellen Page and Nina Dobrev.


Goodbye Christopher Robin –  September 29th

I probably don’t need to do too much explaining with this one. Domnhall Gleeson is on our screens once again. Give us a break Domnhall, go and do some theatre! I mean that with the greatest of love because if I was in his shoes (and I’d rather be in his shoes) I’d thoroughly lap up all this screen fun. Otherwise, this looks set to be a perfectly ‘twee’ British film. I know my mum and sister would appreciate it.


Home Again – September 29th

Now this. THIS is right up my street. And if it’s up yours (ha) then I hope you’ll shout it from the rooftops too. Everybody loves a Nancy Meyers film. Who doesn’t need a bit of light relief. Home Again is about a single mum in LA who decides to let three young men move in with her. Yep, i’m still pretty clueless as well. But watch the trailer and you’ll be sold.



The Exception – September 29th

This is the sort of film my dad would like. Lily James is in it. She’s everywhere! Like old Domnhall! But she does do a cracking job so we’ll let it slide. This film is a romantic war drama telling the story of a bodyguard who comes to protect a Kaiser at his home and infiltrate any spies. And in turn falls in love with the maid. Aw. Isn’t that sweet. Or dangerous. Your call.



Brad’s Status – UK Release Date Unconfirmed

This movie reminds me of my friend Rach’s dad and her lovely brother Matt. Rach told me that they recently took a trip together to scout out colleges for Matt (they live in America). It has Ben Stiller in it and a wonderful young actor called who stole the show in Paper Towns. The UK release date has yet to be confirmed. I’m worried they don’t think there will be enough of an audience for it here. But i’ll still be in the front row cheering you on, Ben!



Blade Runner 2049 – October 5th

At first glace this film wouldn’t be one I rush out to. I’m really not that into futuristic/Sci-Fi stuff. Looper was about as far as I could manage. But this does look really good, I promise. And with Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling at the forefront, I think we’ll be alright. (But where are all the women?!)



Loving Vincent – October 13th

This one’s different, i’m not gonna lie. It’s the ‘world’s first fully painted feature film’ and it looks interesting from the trailer. It reminds me of the wonderful director Daisy Jacobs who has made beautiful short films and who i’m hoping to work with next year. Loving Vincent has packed itself with a British cast. Here’s hoping it’s a good’un.



The Snowman – October 13th

We’re definitely not walking on the air here. We’re running for our lives. Because it looks like a shit storm. (In a good way). The snowman ain’t no friendly person walking piece of cloud here. He’s out to get you. And he’s creating havoc everywhere. Seriously. Check out the trailer. Michael Fassbender stars in this crime thriller. It’s no Oscar nominee but it looks worthy of a watch.



The Death of Stalin – October 20th

This is directed by Armando Iannucci- the brains behind entertaining satires like Veep, In the Loop, The Thick of It and even Alan Partridge. Trust me, it doesn’t look like a stuffy comedy, it looks great. And real funny. Go see it in October when it comes out. Look, they’re even taking a selfie in one scene.



Call me By Your Name – October 27th 

This movie got a lot of attention at last year’s Sundance festival and from the clips I’ve glanced at, i’m excited to see it. Plus (and I know, I know, he’s not a piece of meat) Armie Hammer is HOT. #sorrynotsorry. It’s a tale of a young man living in Italy who meets an academic called Oliver. Oliver has come to stay at the young man’s parents’ villa (stay with me) and they soon develop a relationship. Cute.





And that’s it for now. We’ll get to November soon. I hope you’ve all had lovely weeks filled with some good screen stuff. It’s quite nice being back from holidays and cosying up to the latest shows. You know what I’m like. (Though I would probably trade it all in for a sun lounger on a deserted island if I could).










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