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Mother & Me



Mother! was a trip. I just can’t work out if it was a good one or not. The film is, at its very core, an ‘allegory’. So bear that in mind when (…if) you go. And if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t bother. The beauty of this film is intended to be in the meaning. What does it represent? What story is it telling? Is it a commentary on the earth? On fame? On women?



To be honest, it could be all of them and it could be none. Some people are even speculating that it’s a take on Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence’s relationship. And now I’m starting to bore myself.


It is whatever you want it to be.


But if you’re not up for decoding this, stick on Netflix instead . We can read and write reviews till the cows come home. Or we can go watch a film, see if we enjoy it and then move on with our lives. For anyone who IS interested in the spiel behind this sort of movie, I DID enjoy it….to an extent. I enjoyed seeing J Law again. I enjoyed the creepy house (but, admittedly, wanted to get the hell out of there by the end). I enjoyed the bare setting. And also – I liked that it got me thinking. Despite it being a highly exaggerated version, this is probably what Lawrence experiences in real life. Crazy people aaallllllllllll want a piece of her.


At times however I felt like the filmmakers were just being arrogant. Fair enough if your aim is to appeal to all the thinkers and critics out there who want to sit back and delve deep into the hidden agenda. But sometimes you just want to say…NOT EVERYONE IS A CRITIC. LIFE’S TOO SHORT. PEOPLE GO TO THE MOVIES BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED, TO ENJOY THEMSELVES. And when you come out fuming (like my friend Eleanor…and… ….it’s just a bit annoying isn’t it.


In spite of this, I wouldn’t write about Mother! if I didn’t think it was worthy of your time. But I also wouldn’t’ recommend this to my sister – put it that way. I would have nooooo chance trying to convince her that this is a winner.









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