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Ten Films I’ve Never Seen


There are too many films and too little time. (And then there are some that I’m really not that fussed about seeing).






We’ve got to stay true to ourselves and not harp on about watching certain things that really you couldn’t care less about. Come onnnn…you’ve done it too haven’t you. The classic ‘What’s your favourite film?’ followed by some internal meltdown trying to think of a-classic-but-not-very-try-hard-option instead of your true desire for a bit of Along Came Polly. Why pretend to like Taxi Driver when you know you’re not really interested? Then again, you don’t know until you’ve tried it. Oh……life. Well anyway I’ve compiled a list below of ten films you might expect me to have seen, that I haven’t. Some, I feel guilty about. And some….well….you get the drift.





The Godfather

I know, shocking right. But I have genuinely never had a desire to watch this. I can’t promise I wouldn’t love it if I DID. But for now it is staying firmly in the back of the DVD cupboard. Or the On Demand choices..



The Big Lebowski

Now this big guy, I do want to see. Mainly for the love of John Goodman; what a hero. I have no idea what it’s about and even after Googling it, I’m still not really sure. But I’m excited to give it a try.



Saving Private Ryan

Anna, a lovely actress, worked on reception with me and WAS IN THIS (pictured below). A classic. I love this fact. Despite being a lover of History, war films really aren’t my thing. But I would definitely sit down with this.




I told you I wasn’t perfect, alright?! I haven’t seen this one EITHER. I’m sorry, don’t hate me. But if you do, pull your finger out because that’s really unnecessary, it’s only a film! Oh Ben Affleck, whatever happened to you. You used to be so on top of the world. I’d sit through this film, but I wouldn’t do a Blockbuster sprint to see it. BLOCKBUSTER. Do you remember the good old days?



Clueless (STEADY….I mean the entire way through)

Some people’s Clueless, was my Mean Girls. And trust me, I know MG like the back of my hand. I’ve seen Clueless but I’ve only seen BITS. And I got freaked out by the incest story. Was it incest? Was it OK? I don’t know. But I was never a massive Alicia Silverstone fan, so I don’t rrrrreally feel like i’m missing out.



Back to the Future (all of them)

Now THIS, I could sit through and watch. But Who Framed Roger Rabbit ruined it for me. Because Christopher Lloyd as the scary-faced toon man, freaked me out to the moon and back. And he could never quite just be Doc Brown anymore. He was the epitome of all-that-frightens-children.



The Matrix

I tried this on a Saturday night in on my own, and gave up. I know I should persevere. But life’s too short. I want to watch something else! Plus their sunglasses are offending me.



The Breakfast Club

Yep – I DO want to see this. I know it’s a classic and I feel genuinely guilty that I haven’t seen it because it looks right up my street. I have no idea what it’s about. Do they love breakfast? Do they eat breakfast all day? Do they just hang out? WELL THEN WHY IS IT CALLED THE BREAKFAST CLUB.



The Goonies 

Hmmmm. I feel like I got my fix of this type of film with Hook. Is this blasphemy?! This came out a few years before I was born and it just kind of passed me by. So go easy on me…



Mad Max: Fury Road

I do want to see this. It looks right up my street. Well…not quite RIGHT up there. But pretty close. Because it’s stylish and has a great cast. And pretty much anything with Tom Hardy in, I love. And  more so Riley Keough. What a babe.




So there you have it. Films I’ve never seen that I was, until now, sort of ashamed to admit. But I don’t know why I was ashamed. I mean, I write a whole blog on film and television and I’d never judge people on what they watch (unless it was reality TV…religiously). I really believe that as long as something affects you personally, then that’s all that matters. Whilst I have recommendations for you, I don’t necessarily expect you to love Paterson or 5 to 7 or Cocktail or She’s the Man as much as I do. I like these films because there’s something in all of them that speaks out to me. Be it that makes me feel less alone or makes me laugh or has a quote in it that gives me some comfort about a situation I’ve gone through.

Sure, enjoying a film doesn’t have to mean that it changes your life. But if you can’t connect with it, move on. Stick on something else. I’m all for highbrow occasionally and expanding your horizons. But you gotta know when to quit. Sometimes in a world of Mad Maxes, you’ve gotta be a Calamity Jane. (Right, Rach?)



Georgie x







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