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My Top Five Films on Netflix Right Now

There’s so much good stuff on Netflix at the moment – and a lot of it might pass you by in favour of the latest boxsets. I don’t blame you – I’m currently swamped with Ozark, as well as still recovering from Gypsy (woah, that was intense). But what I really want to draw your attention to are a few films I’ve been enjoying on Netflix.


The Incredible Jessica James

I must admit; this really didn’t appeal to me at first. Particularly because the title is, well, frankly….a bit silly. I mean, you’re really setting yourself up for greatness here. And also there’s a series called Jessica Jones on Netflix – so they haven’t done themselves a favour from the off. But DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, remember?! If you liked Lena Dunham’s Girls, you’re going to get along with this just fine. It’s written by and stars Jessica Williams as Jess – a playwright in New York who wants to take her dreams by the balls and get over a break up. Some bits aren’t that funny and sometimes she explains the jokes where she doesn’t need to. But other scenes are really great. Like the moments when she is talking to her ex and working out what happened with them. Probably because I can relate to a lot of it. Oh it’s also got Chris O’Dowd in – and he’s bloody brilliant. So give it a watch, yeah? If you’re an actor/writer/playwright/creative in general, you’ll definitely be able to relate. And if you’ve had your heart broken, like me; this will help give you a bit of clarity.



To the Bone

I ran a mile from this one (I’m doing great at encouraging you here, aren’t I). And as a friend described to me, it looked a bit ‘worthy’ and even slightly righteous. I didn’t want someone shoving the perils of anorexia down my throat. But the main reason I enjoyed this film, as I do with many others, is because of the relationships that play out on our screen. And by relationships I mean the one between Lily Collins’s character Ellen and Luke. It was just really really sweet. And not over acted. And not under acted. Just utterly compelling, without anything ever really happening. But seriously now Lily – well done for being so method with a character – now go and eat a BIG MAC.




You might have read my opinions on this film in my previous post. But the-not-eating-meat issue aside, Okja is a really entertaining watch. And I tell you now, if you’ve ever had a pet that you loved, you’ll be able to relate. I know, I know. Maybe she wasn’t a CGI’d giant mutant pig, but it made me miss my wonderful golden retriever Honey who passed away a few years ago – she really was the nicest and most loyal thing in the whole world. This film also has a stellar cast including Paul Dano, Tilda Swinton, Lily Collins and a REALLY creepy Jake Gyllenhaal (I’m going to say something controversial – I just don’t enjoy watching him on screen – his eyes scare me!). As well as an amazing turn from lead actress Seo-Hyun Ahn. It might be too hard hitting for you on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but it’s also got a bit of the satires about it. Which feels quite Wes Anderson-esque at times. And we all love Wes. (Well, I do)



Dear John

Girls and guys, don’t be getting all highbrow on me. You know my style – one of my favourite films is She’s the Man, remember? It’s all about what makes your happy. Life is too short to pretend. We can’t all be walking about, speaking in dulcet tones about Oscar winners being our faves. It’s just not true sometimes. So go on, stick this romcom on. It’s got the wonderful Amanda Seyfried in (I think she’s great – and very talented – and she has ‘minge’ tattooed on  her foot so she’s my sorta gal) and of course Channing Tatum. Who pulls off the boyfriend-going-to-war vibe, effortlessly. Also – don’t undermine this film. There are really tender moments with him and his dad. It’s heartbreaking stuff; I dare you not to shed a tear. And if it makes you pause and reflect for 5 seconds on how grateful you are for your family? Well, that’s gotta be worth something.




Brooklyn is pretty brilliant, a mon avis. Saoirse Ronan smashes it, as always. But my favourite had to be the completely understated actor Emory Cohen who is just wonderful as the love interest, Tony. He’s not only utterly believable, but entirely delicate with his acting. His delivery is funny, subtle and just completely loveable. I want to see him in more please! He reminded me of Brandon Flynn as Justin in 13 Reasons Why. I mean, I know we hate Justin. But I thought this actor was tip-top too. Go on, stick it on.



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