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About Last Night

I saw Cocktail at the Luna Cinema in St Paul’s last night – one of my all-time favourite films. My sister took me as part of my birthday present and I absolutely loved it. DESPITE the fact it was absolutely pissing it down, it was wonderful. The sun set over London and it was all just pretty epic. Especially with the rain macs billowing in the wind and people’s M&S snacks flying in our faces.


My sister enjoyed it too, which always feels like a bit of a result. As I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s normally a battle getting her to sit down and enjoy films or TV shows with me. She refuses to indulge me and instead watches Brothers and Sisters on repeat. She asked me why love Cocktail so much in the cab on the way home. And so I thought i’d put my reasons into words (as you do), below….


I love the romance between Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue’s characters. I love their adventures on holiday and I completely buy into the fact they are a couple. It’s all just so realistic and adorable


I also just love Elisabeth Shue and think we need to see more of her


Tom Cruise is HOT (in this – just this film) Sorry for objectifying….


1980s American films are just the best


I like the combination of New York and then the sunny shores of Jamaica


It has some epic quotes in it. To name one; ‘Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end’. It’s one of my favourites. Want to know some of my others? Read my blog post


It has a good message; sometimes you’ll get your dreams, but it won’t always be the journey you’d imagined. Also – don’t be proud, talk to people.


Other parts of my weekend consisted of a house party, dancing to Destiny’s Child in Camberwell, brunching on Sunday, Shitfaced Shakespeare on Friday and babysitting. I’m also completely obsessed with Offspring on Netflix. Have a little watch if you want to go old school. And if you like Australian comedy. I hope you had lovely weekends.


Georgie x



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