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Why Netflix’s Okja Made Me Give Up Meat

Okja is a beautiful film and nothing like I expected. It’s colourful in unexpected ways and harrowing in all the right ones. It has a stellar cast, a distinct production style and a message you can’t ignore. Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Tune in, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m not going to bore you with a review. Reviews are all very well – but eeeeverything is subjective. I might like something, and you might hate it. I might hate something and you’’ll probably love it. So I like being seen as more of a friendly guideline instead. (And most of all, an actress – anyone got a job for me?!)  I like focusing on what we can take from television and films. What did we learn? What does it make you think about? Did it remind you of something? Does it make you view a situation differently? 

The answer for me is a big fat YES. So now I’m giving up meat for a month. At least. It’s a starting point and I’m going to extend it as much as possible. I’ve done it before for a lot longer. But I’ll be doing a short stint for now, so as not to bore you all for too long about how much I’m missing sausage rolls (I promise you, it won’t be that bad, Quorn equivalents are bloody brilliant). 

The film IS simplistic and satiricial. The outfits are wacky, some of the acting is over the top (apart from the wonderful Mija played by Seo-Hyun Ahn and a touching Paul Dano as one of the animal activists) and the tone can be flippant at times. But make no mistake – there is a clear message here; be careful what you eat. And above all; think about where it has come from. It’s food for thought. (‘Scuse the pun)

Without being too preachy, Okja reminds you how wonderful animals are, and how cruel the world can be. If you fancy thinking a bit, and perhaps reflecting on what you shove in your gob, have a little watch. If you don’t want to think about things like this, stick it on anyway. Ever had an animal best friend? Then i’m sure you’ll be able to relate whilst also finding it entertaining. There’s one incredible scene played out in a shopping mall with Okja, the animal activists and Mija. John Denver’s Annie’s Song plays in the background. You know the one – You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest. Oh god it’s just beautiful. 

Whoever said they don’t watch films? You’re seriously missing out. ‘Couch potato’ doesn’t apply anymore. Sit. Watch. Learn. Repeat.

Have a wonderful Monday.




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