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Should I Watch The Wire?

I’ve been reading a list from Empire magazine about the Top 50 TV Shows ever (wow, punchy) and guess what made the top? So now of course I’m wondering what I’m missing.  So round up, peeps, friends, fellow screen lovers. TELL ME.

The Wire; What is all the FUSS about? What am I MISSING out on? Why is Dominic West meant to be so damn GOOD in it? 

In other being-an-actress news, I went to a commercial casting today. Life is a bit ridiculous sometimes, isn’t it. My casting was at 11am and I sat around waiting until 11.50am. At which point I went up to the receptionist and asked when I’d been seen and she very curtly responded with a ‘THEY’RE RUNNING LATE’. As if I was wasting HER time by asking – and I hadn’t just been sat there patiently for nearly an hour. Obviously I then went into the casting room and was seen for about ten seconds and then resumed life back on reception. Fun and games, eh?

What are you doing this weekend? What are you watching? I can’t wait to see Dunkirk (OUT IN CINEMAS NOW!) at the cinema next week and also The Big Sick – have you heard about it? It looks RIGHT up my street – I am so excited. Have a little watch of the trailer here. I think i’m going to take my mum when she’s better. We would have a proper giggle together – Judd Apatow never ceases to entertain me.

Other recommendations I have? Sofia Coppola’s Beguiled, Chef on Netflix (which you’d know if you followed me on Insta) and The Handmaid’s Tale on Channel 4. And i’m still getting through Gypsy on Netflix!

Have a good one. Let me know what you watch!




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