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Screens & My Mum

You’ve probably heard me talking about my mum’s sense of humour before. I can guarantee that if I find something funny on the box, she will too. And I think this is a great test of character (because obviously I have really really great taste).  My mum’s pretty special. So I thought I would dedicate this blog post to her. And what makes her happy on our screens.

Moments I’ve seen her laugh the most when watching something?


Elf – That time he buys his dad ‘special’ underwear

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – That moment when he teaches his American brother-in-law to say ‘I have 3 testicles’ in Greek without him realising it

Gogglebox – That moment watching the Siddiqui family when they were creasing up watching people go out and sing with Nightingales in the middle of the night (I don’t normally mention reality shows but this one is an exception)

The Mighty Boosh – Various Noel Fielding scenes

Death at a Funeral – That moment when the boyfriend is up on the roof hallucinating

Green Wing – So many times it’s hard to keep count!

Frozen – Her favourite moments are watching Sven the reindeer because she loves animals

Something’s Gotta Give – That moment when Jack Nicholson walks around half naked after his surgery

It’s Complicated – That moment when Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are trying to sneak into the hotel but John Krasinski’s character doesn’t want the daughter to see so he kisses her in a weird way. Trust me, it’s brilliant

Summer Heights High – Alllll the Mr G moments! (I mean, who doesn’t appreciate them)

Oh and of course American Dad and Family Guy at 12am in the morning. She has a penchant for midnight snacking on peanut butter and these guys are there to keep her entertained.


My mum has been through a lot, worked around the world and raised two kids in the process. She is the most relaxed yet stoical person I know and she has taught me how to have a sense of humour – which I think is still completely underrated. And, as my friends pointed out…. she’s very very VERY much like Diane Keaton. Which is always lovely.

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