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An Actress + A Self-Tape

Self-taping isn’t my friend. Like, it’s my enemy. I would much rather go into an audition room and stand in front of thousands of people, than set up a little camera in my room and attempt to record an audition on my own.

For my latest adventure, my agent called me and told me I needed to send off a tape for a TV show. The benefit of working on the reception desk at an advertising agency in between acting jobs, is that the resources can come in handy. The lovely IT guys set up a proper camera, I booked a meeting room and borrowed my other actor friend from reception, to read in with me (whilst recruiting one of my friends and account managers to man the desk….).

I tried various times, and failed. I forgot my lines (to be fair – I HAD only been given them that morning) and fluffed everything else. I got self-conscious in front of my friend because she’s an actress too. Which was entirely unnecessary as she was wonderful – but for some reason, I got in a flap. And then…to top it all off…after I FINALLY got some takes and came to look back through them, the bloody sound recording hadn’t worked. Joy. This was 4.30pm and I had to get it done by the evening. I still had to do my ‘9 to 5’ job and pretend to be a receptionist. And it was all going Pete Tong…..So naturally I burst into tears.

Fast forward half an hour later, my lovely actress friend Laura offered to stay later and help me out but I told her to go home. I instead recruited aforementioned friend and account manager Steve, to read in with me. He isn’t an actor (you don’t have to be an actor to read in off camera) but he put me at ease, instantly. And somehow it all worked. Though my agent did say there was a bit of a whirring noise in the background. Ah well. You can’t win it all. It was better than my iPhone – which is what most actors normally have to use.

So anyway – I hate auditions. You might have already guessed. I spend most of my time worrying if i’m going to forget the lines, when that really isn’t the main concern. And half the time I tell myself not to bother trying to learn them, so that I won’t get so stressed. But if you don’t, you then worry that you’ll look lazy.

Ahhh the life of an actor. It’s all fun and games, really 🙂



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