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The Best Zac Efron Films

Hey, don’t knock it. So Zac Efron isn’t Adam Driver – but he’s a funny guy. And I really do admire people who willingly take the mickey out of themselves.

I watched Baywatch last night and I laughed a lot. But I was also slightly disappointed. Time Out gave it a whopping 4 stars and for me it didn’t live up to that mark. You know me though – I don’t like to get too highbrow. If something entertains or simply makes your friends laugh – that’s enough. But I couldn’t help feel that there was SO many awkward moments that should have been cut right out. I thought it would be more witty, clever and self-deprecating like 21 Jump Street or Bridesmaids – and it well….wasn’t.

Go have a watch and see for yourself. Because in spite of this I’d still say it’s worth a watch though (depending on what you like….). It’s sunny, it’s colourful, it has a funny cast and it has The Rock in it. Oh and it will definitely inspire you to keep hitting the gym…

Just to prove I still love Zac – here are some other films he’s in that I rate (yes, really)…

High School Musical

Because….It’s bloody epic

And…..It reminds me of my teenage years

Why is he so good in it?.…Because he acts (sort of), sings AND dances


Because.…It’s a singing, dancing medley of fun

And….It’s nostalgic

Why is he so good in it?….Because he’s quite silly and I love it

17 Again

Because….It’s just really funny (‘our hands just made a baby…’)

And….Matthew Perry is in it and he isn’t terrible

Why is Zac so good in it?…..Because of that court scene at the end with Lesley Mann. It’s actually pretty beautiful

Charlie St Cloud

Because…It’s pretty sad

And….It makes a nice change from his usually comic films

Why is he so good in it?….He’s not particularly amazing but the scenes he plays out with his deceased little brother (who reappears in his imagination) are so cute

Bad Neighbours 2

Because…That’s right – the second one is better. His character is not a complete a**ehole in this one.

And….He has great chemistry with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne (what a combo)

Why is he so good in it?...Let’s be clear. We all know this is no Oscar winner but this is the RIGHT kind of awkward humour (let’s just ignore some of the American slapstick comedy)

And that’s it…

I haven’t seen a few others of his films but I am intrigued by The Paperboy and The Lucky One although if I had a choice, i’d probably give them a miss…

Hope you enjoy the picture of my friends Cess, Matt and Lou. We had a lovely basic bitch evening which started with a cheeky Nando’s. Perfect.

Have a lovely day.








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  1. Jay says:

    This is a much longer list than I could have made 😉

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