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Glastonbury Screen Life

You may have heard me bang on about the new ‘Cineramageddon’ experience at Glastonbury last week. Sadly I didn’t get a ticket in time but I heard it was a wonderful experience and everyday I walked past it and looked at it lovingly (yes, really – you know what i’m like). I did not however envy anyone watching a film in it last Wednesday which was so hot I thought my eyelashes were going to melt.

Any other screen goss from the festival? Bradley Cooper made an appearance on the main stage. He was filming for his upcoming movie A Star is Born. Unfortunately I missed his appearance on stage – he came on briefly before introducing Kris Kristofferson’s set and performed on an unplugged guitar for a few minutes…(is it me or does that just sound really awkward?)

So what else did I miss when I was away? Have you seen GLOW on Netflix yet? Have you heard about new upcoming ‘flix drama Gypsy starring Naomi Watts? Have you checked out Gifted starring the wonderful Chris Evans in cinemas yet? Are you looking forward to the release of Baby Driver? It’s all kicking off.

Happy Tuesday. Here is a photo of me loving life watching Busted with my mum.


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