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I Love You, America

Well, most of you. Besides some of your politics and a few other issues, you are bloody fantastic. I’ve literally had the time of my life out in the US and it’s right up my street. The weather, the people, the food (but oh my – where are your salads), the shops, the television, the film….

I ventured to Florida this time with some friends. First to Miami and then near Jacksonville where one of my friend’s family lives. I thought I would prefer Miami by a beachy mile but I actually enjoyed myself more in Jville – everything was just perfect. My friend’s family were so accommodating (I feel like the Aussies and the Americans have this down to a tee whereas the British don’t) and I was so blissfully happy the entire time. I also managed to tick off a fair few things I have always wanted to see – mostly because of my love of the screen. You may have seen on my Instagram that I went to my friend’s brother’s high school for his band recital and I had a little picture beside the lockers reminding me of #13ReasonsWhy and every other teenage American film…..Easily pleased, right?!


More highlights of my trip included: pizza and sushi nights, poki bowls, Pusser’s in Ponte Vedra, brunch in Miami, afternoons by the pool in Miami, driving over the bridge every morning, Wynwood arts district….


…my high school experience, ordering my first American Starbucks and being looked at like an utter loser at being so excited (yes it was also in the airport)….


…..the first Target experience, driving in a Mustang, American waffles, lying on hammocks out back at my friend’s place, beach days in Ponte Vedra, making friends with the locals….


….Cap’s on the Water in St Augustine (probably one of my most favourite restaurant experiences ever – and it reminded me of a setting from The Notebook – this town is also the oldest in the US!), drinking in the sunshine with my friends, yoga in the mornings by the water, and so much more….


What else did I find out about the film and TV world? (Because that’s why i’m here – sorry I digress….)

  • My friend Lou got excited that I was in Florida because she said that’s where her favourite show, Cougar Town, was set
  • Miami has been the setting for various shows from There’s Something About Mary to Scarface to Miami Vice and Marley & Me
  • Nearby Atlanta has a big filming world and some productions getting made there currently include: Pitch Perfect 3, Den of Thieves (starring Gerard Butler), Manifesto by Kevin Spacey – his latest TV show

And what should you be looking out for at the cinema right now?

  • Lost in London – Woody Harrelson’s passion project
  • Mindhorn starring Julian Barrett – it might look a bit silly but if you’re a fan of The Mighty Boosh then you should give it a chance
  • The Handmaiden – I haven’t seen this but friends have recommended it and also commented that it’s surprisingly funny
  • A Dog’s Purpose – because why not! (I saw this on DVD in the US in Target already. I’m so jealous that they get to see everything before we do!)

And on the small screen?

  • 13 Reasons Why on Netflix – season two is coming out in 2018 so watch the first series while it’s still fresh
  • Mad Men on Netflix – it’s an investment but it’s worth it!
  • Better Call Saul – Ever watched Breaking Bad? Then tune into this. It’s a slow burner but so was BB and it was worth the wait
  • Big Little Lies on Sky Catch Up

Love you, America. Can someone please get me a job here? (I’m completely serious). I think we all need to do a lot more of what actually makes us happy. Thanks. Love you Rach – thank you for one of the best times of my life.

Screenster x






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