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What to Watch this Easter 

Have you noticed how much TV is changing? I completely binged on Love on Netflix the other day. Obsessed. It was a slow burner at first but the fact that I could watch all of the shows at once – it’s like gobbling down food quickly (without the stomach ache afterwards). And i’m steadily losing a lot of heart with what live television has to offer.

Take this Easter for example, there isn’t a lot of good choice. (Trust me – i’ve looked) Standard. Well, unless you’re a fan of silly reality shows and singing competitions (which I can’t stand by the way but I won’t be a negative Nancy). I like decent shows which offer proper entertainment and good jobs to actors (but you already know this….)

So what are my picks this holiday?

On catch up from this week I would recommend:

Girls on Sky Atlantic (Or if you have NOW TV)

Line of Duty on BBC One (I haven’t watched it but have been told it’s good…)

Big Little Lies on Sky Atlantic


Broadchurch on ITV

And on demand?

13 Reasons Why on Netflix (as pictured in the title). I’ve just started watching this and am already hooked. Oh and it’s got Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy in it!

Love on Netflix. The characters were absolutely brilliant and it’s a Judd Apatow creation (so it was bound to be good). It doesn’t try and neatly fit itself into a box. Expect to relate, to meander along with the characters and to laugh.

And at the cinema?

Raw at Brixton Ritzy and Clapham Picturehouse (well, these are my favourite cinemas but you can technically go anywhere….).

Beauty and the Beast too (go on, you won’t be disappointed). It’s actually BRILLIANT.


Why not try Free Fire directed by the brilliant Ben Wheatley

And now how about the best movies on demand?

Well my personal picks are…

No Strings Attached on iPlayer right now (one of my favourites – please watch this – you won’t regret it!)

Sing Street (obviously) on Netflix

Whiplash on Netflix

Hunt for the Wilderpeople on Netflix

Into the Wild on Netflix

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m celebrating my sister’s birthday and milling around London. I’ve not eaten meat or chocolate for nearly two months now. So maybe i’ll have a meat and chocolate party.

Or maybe not – that sounds gross…..

Screenster x

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  1. Jay says:

    Free Fire!!! Love it.

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