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My Sis, Me & TV

My sister is turning 30 tomorrow. I know – wowzers. It seems like only yesterday we were little beans running around Hong Kong, chasing snakes away from underneath our trampolines.

We’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations. From my parents’ divorce, to living in separate homes, to being separated entirely, to coming back together, to fighting, to laughing and finally to buying a house together. We made it in the end. Even though on a day to day basis I might pester her to unload the dishwasher, deep down we are soul mates and always will be. Thank God for siblings. They might do your head in, but i’d be a shell of a human without her.

Growing up, Hannah and I watched so many great TV shows and films together. A lot of it got me through the hard times which is why i’m so passionate about our screens. It genuinely gave me hope that everything would be OK.

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(I drag my family along to all the TV events with me)

Sometimes it’s hard to get Hannah to watch the good stuff these days. But once she’s hooked, she’s on it. And i’ve realised what her achilles heel is. She likes nice/funny/mumsy characters in shows. She likes light-heartedness too. She loves David Tennant and (especially) Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, she enjoyed Brothers and Sisters because Sally Field reminded her of our mum, the film Mrs Doubtfire taught us we weren’t the only children from separated homes. Summer Heights High made us laugh when we were bickering. Fireman Sam and Postman Pat were our favourites growing up. Only Fools and Horses got our dad to smile again. Fierce Creatures was the first time I saw mum cry with laughter. I tear up when I think of watching Beaches with sis. She loves anything with Diane Keaton in (First Wives Club and Something’s Gotta Give are our favourites) – again because she reminds us of mum. Death Becomes Her freaked us out when we were little. As did Labyrinth when we stumbled across it in the hotel room on holiday. All Richard Curtis films melt our hearts, any film with Steve Martin in reminds us of Dad. Black and white Norman Wisdom films like The Square Peg brightened up our afternoons when dad was moving house. I cried when she gave me The History Boys while studying to get into my History university course. Friends has kept her company on many a dark night (a bit too much – I try to tell her that she has watched the entire thing twice now).

Anyway, you get my drift. TV and film has been a big part of our lives. I betcha it’s been part of your growing up, too. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Happy 30th, Sis. Keep doing what you’re doing. I miss those days. But here’s to the next ones. 







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