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Entertainment in the Skies

I’m off to America tomorrow. I feel like I know the US like the back of my hand – mostly because I’ve seen a lot of it through my screen…………

So entertainment on the plane. Let’s discuss. Who has the best stuff? What kind of content does everyone watch? I can’t recommend TOO much (though I try) because it’s always changing and if you ever refer back to this post from a future life, it might be slightly useless. So what angle shall we go for. Maybe the pilot’s?

My dad is a retired commercial airline pilot. This is a picture of his favourite aircraft – the 747-400. I naturally asked him what he liked to watch when he was on duty (don’t panic – in his ‘rest’ moments – not when he’s in the cockpit) and his response was…

I suppose I did watch the odd “blockbuster” because I had heard about it and would not normally have gone to the flicks to see it, but on a night flight a good TV episode would be the ideal time length after a meal before sleep, or even just a soundtrack channel.

The reason why he didn’t used to go to the flicks, is because he would fall asleep. I distinctly remember him taking me to see The Lion King followed by Stuart Little and both times he was snoring away. However – we now do go and see some good stuff together. And he loves it – I think it helps that he knows how passionate I am about film. We saw Sully a few months back (I wonder whether they show that on planes?!) and we absolutely loved it. My dad won an award for aviation safety once….bless him! He’s also racked up a few good passengers including: Natasha Richardson who flew with him in the cockpit, Liam Neeson, Lloyd Bridges (who was in Airplane!), Prince Edward, Robbie Coltrane, Peter Ustinov, Julie Andrews, Dyan Cannon, Peter Cook,  Thierry Henry, the Bay City Rollers and some…! He also met James Garner while filming The Rockford Files on location in Malibu. Gotta love James Garner.

So here’s my rating of best in flight entertainment. And you could say I’m slightly biased:

British Airways (Although I distinctly remember watching The Woman in Black (why Georgie, why) on my way to New York and getting in such a state that I spilt food all over myself)

Cathay Pacific (Good picks when I flew to Hong Kong last year)

Emirates (My best friend and I went backpacking round Asia together when we were 19 and I literally thought it was the best thing in the world that we could watch the TV screen as we were taking off and landing)

Qantas (I flew from the UK to Australia on my own a few years ago. I had no friends there and nothing booked apart from one night of accomodation. I distracted myself by watching 3 hours worth of Friends)

Thomas Cook (It’s only at the bottom because I don’t think I’ve ever flown with them long haul before to watch something. But i’m flying with them on Friday so here’s hoping it’s good!)

Here’s what I’ve had a look at though – and what i’m tempted by:


Modern Family and New Girl

(If my dad was on this, he’d be watching The Big Bang Theory for sure. I’m sorry dad but I will never understand that programme…..)


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Maybe La La Land again?

Aloha (a bit rogue I know, but there does seem to be an…shall we say…eclectic choice)

Cafe Society

or Midnight in Paris

I’ll keep you updated from the flipside of course 🙂

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