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I met someone yesterday who used to act in a German soap opera. She works in fashion now (she’s German too, I might add) and spoke of her hiatus like speaking about a brief flirtation with someone at a bar. She tells me the quality of the programme was c**p – but she also did it for a good 2 years so I was quite impressed.

It got me thinking about all the wonderful overseas content there is out there. Has anyone seen Buzzfeed Australia’s drop about ‘Your night out according to Mr G‘? Absolute genius…you have to watch it.


Watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople recently reminded me of the kiwis and the legendary Flight of the Conchords. And then there’s Mr G’s Summer Heights High as well as Angry Boys, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, We Can Be Heroes. Let’s also not forget Packed to the Rafters, Kath and Kim and the brilliant The Castle (a film introduced to me by my farm family in Oz – starring Eric Bana!). The recent The Kettering Incident is another more recent Aussie production with Elizabeth Debicki.


This side of the pond, we have the heart of crime drama. The Bridge, courtesy of the ever-talented Scandinavia, is one of my favourites. And then you also have The Killing, Borgen, Follow the Money, Beck, Jordskott, Lilyhammer and the absolute greatest- Solsidan. No one I have ever talked to has heard of this show. But back in my TV & film production days I was given a tape to watch it, and thought it was one of the funniest, wittiest programmes i’ve seen. I don’t know where you can watch it on demand, but you can buy the DVDs from Amazon. I’m going to buy some for my dad!


Remember there’s life beyond the UK and America. And it’s some of the best stuff i’ve seen. Have a wonderful Thursday – life is short – enjoy it. And don’t forget to watch the Mr G video.




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