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The Love is Not Over

The storm has passed, the dust has settled, the news has started to move on.


Here’s my (very delayed) reaction.

I loved La La Land and I thought Moonlight was brilliant. Obviously I can relate to LLL more. I am a twenty-something actress, trying all the time to get a decent paid job (is that too much to ask?!). I also know what it’s like to lose the person you love most because of struggling in this industry. For me, LLL put all my feelings on a screen and entertained me in the process.

Damien Chazelle:

‘I think there’s a reason why most of the greatest love stories in history don’t end with happily ever after. If you’re telling a story about love, love has to be bigger than the characters. It has to be this kind of third character or this thing that kind of lives on and it can’t just depend on the practicalities of whether the people are in the same place at the same time at the end. Even if the relationship might be over, the love is not over. The love lasts. And I think that’s just a beautiful thing.’

Moonlight on the other hand was a wonderful story raising and facing so many important issues. The acting was superb (Mahershala Ali, you are my idol and I can’t WAIT to see what you do next, but i’m still not sold on Naomie Harris sorry), the three stories were perfectly woven and the cinematography was stunning.

I did feel for La La Land when the award was snatched from them. And also for the Moonlight team for not getting their full glory in that moment. But if I could have my way, I would have still given the award to LLL. I can only be true to myself. Yes, Moonlight was entirely relevant, important and poignant, but LLL resonated with me much more on a personal level.

And I bet a lot of people feel the same, though ever since the Oscars debacle, have sat quietly in their seats and insisted they thought Moonlight should have won Best Picture. (Did you? Did you really?). And fair enough, some people do genuinely feel that way. Lots of my friends loved it and were so happy it won. But I know that deep down some people rooted for La La Land and feel an odd sense of shame about this.

Why would you feel shame about this? It might seem all happy and dancey on the surface, but still conveys messages about life and love (why am I even saying ‘but’ – happy and dancey is good too). Be who you are! ‘LIVE YOUR TRUTH’. (Lena Dunham, Girls)


I am never ashamed to admit that one of my favourite films is She’s the Man. That’s right – you read correctly. And by gum. That’s not an award winner. But it makes me happy, it makes me laugh, it entertains me.

Life’s too short.

Happy Friday. Screenster x



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