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The Best Soundtracks

I was watching Drive – Nicolas Winding Refn’s film starring Ryan Gosling – as research for a role for some filming I am doing. I forgot how brilliant the soundtrack is. Ever seen a film and thought the music made it? How could Baz Luhrmann’s work have survived without it? Here are some of my personal favourites below – for both original scores and for packing in the best songs that we love:




La La Land

Jurassic Park

500 Days of Summer

The Land Before Time (and i’m not ashamed)


Top Gun

The Mighty Ducks

Star Wars

Harry Potter

Twilight (Really!)

Pitch Perfect


Dirty Dancing

Jersey Boys

She’s the Man

Sing Street


And let’s not forget TV….

Crazy Ex Girlfriend


Breaking Bad

Grey’s Anatomy

The Mighty Boosh

I’m pretty sure my friend Rachel would say Gilmore Girls (even though I haven’t seen it)

The O.C (who else could have survived their teenage years without these songs?)

Stranger Things

Happy hump day.

Screenster x




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  1. Sean says:

    Nice topic and list. I rewatched Drive very recently and had the same experience. I remembered it was a good soundtrack but it’s SO good.

    Come this summer, you will have to add Baby Driver to the list. It’s awesome so be sure not to miss that one.

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