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I’m off for a boozy brunch for one of my best friend’s birthdays today and I can’t wait. One of my other friends is coming down from Manchester for it and staying for the weekend so I’m currently WINNING and loving it. The last time I went for a boozy brunch in Covent Garden started so civilised….



and then things escalated….


(that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

ANYWAY. I bloody love a boozy with cocktails and so do the movies. Well – brunches. Well – breakfast. OK – any food in general. So I thought i’d write a little snippet about the best munching scenes on our screens. My favourites are as follows…FEAST your eyes on this…..(sorry)

THAT breakfast scene in Elf when Buddy combines Pop Tarts (oh my godddd, how I long for a Pop Tart) with spaghetti bolognaise


The food scene in Hook when the magic happens…..


It’s Complicated makes me want to be a 40 year-old sophisticated woman who runs her own bakery when I watch this scene…


I see true love when I watch them eat breakfast together on No Strings Attached (you eat like a baby dinosaur)


We loved Tina and the ham situation in Napoleon Dynamite


When he eats ALL the foods in Groundhog Day because #yolo – or in his case #imgoingtodieagaintonight


I always remember that scene from Grease when Danny makes a huge order (double polar burger, cherry soda and chocolate ice cream, to be precise) and Sandy asks for the same #imnotglutenfree #nosaladonadate #yougogirl


The classiest breakfast I’ve ever seen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s


The sandwich porn in Chef


The enviable McDonalds breakfast scene in Big Daddy (if my body wasn’t meant to be a ‘temple’ I would seriously eat a sausage McMuffin everyday. But now i’ve given up meat so might be a bit tricky…)


What about that time in Mr and Mrs Smith when food becomes war?


And TV?

All the New York City al fresco dining moments in Sex and the City


….and how could I forget THAT sushi moment?

(insert picture here)

The Thanksgiving dinner in Friends


And the stress-food-eating scenes in Girls 


Also – just the takeaways in movies in general. It used to make me sad that we don’t get these boxes in the UK….


Happy weekend.

Screenster x




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