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My Netflix Favourite

My latest obsession is Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix. I’ve mentioned it briefly in a few older posts. It does itself a disservice with the title (I wouldn’t have bothered if a friend hadn’t recommended it). But as it states in the opening credits….the situation is a lot more nuanced than that.

It has musical numbers BUT don’t let that deter you (OR do let that encourage you) -look at all the other quirky shows out there. Ally McBeal with its animations and Barry White interludes, anyone? Flight of the Conchords’ scores perhaps? Summer Heights High’s complete ridiculousness but the genius of its writing maybe? I admit, sometimes I skip through the musical bits but some are hilarious. Oh don’t worry – they’re not always happy Sallys. Often they address the downright normal such as in Having a Few People Over or I Have Friends (I definitely have friends). Or maybe the more poignant Settle for Me, I Have Suffered and Sexy French Depression. They might sound like a bit of a joke but the music has a Brechtian effect. It often conveys important messages.

Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch is one of the best comical actresses I have watched in a TV series. And she gets better with every episode. Yes, it is full of some crazy behaviour but there’s a lot more at play here under the silly exterior. Relationships, break ups, friendships, family, careers, sexuality.

What do you have in store this weekend? I can’t believe it’s March next week already. Thank God spring is on the horizon – it has been a long long winter and I can’t wait for the sunshine to come out. I’m seeing friends for nails and brunch tomorrow (girls night – but i’m probably going to get one nail buffed as i’m poor as a button) and going for a roast back at home on Sunday.

Do you have any cinema plans? You might know my previous recommendations so here are a few others: A Cure for Wellness, Get Out (starring the wonderful Catherine Keener and Allison Williams), Patriots Day (about the Boston marathon bombings), Toni Erdmann and 20th Century Women.

Happy Friday. I hope your weekends are filled with laughter, friends, family and magical things on your screens. Remember the Oscars are on Sunday night. Expect another update soon.

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