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Favourite Girls Moments

The last season of Girls starts tomorrow on Sky Atlantic. It’s one of my favourite programmes in the whole world. You MUST tune in. Even if you are not a twenty-something woman, I guarantee you will be touched in some way. The nuanced characters, the witty dialogue, the poignant subject matters. It’s wonderful.

Here are some of my favourite Girls moments throughout past seasons:


ALL the times at Hannah’s apartment – getting into bed with each other whenever anything went wrong (not in that way)

Shosh moving to Japan 

Hannah and Elijah getting off their faces in tank tops in the name of ‘research’ 

Marnie’s Kanye West tribute song at Charlie’s event

Hannah and Jessa having a bath and a cry after she breaks up with Thomas-John

Marnie and Charlie reuniting in Season 5 – oh god the emotions

Adam and Ray taking a stolen dog back to Staten Island and building a friendship along the way

Hannah going to tell a neighbour off and instead she goes into his house, has sex with him and begins a weekend affair

Hannah’s speech at The Moth. (Take your broken heart, make it into art at its finest)

Marnie meeting Booth Jonathan, THAT toilet moment, and coming home to work it out with Hannah to the sound of Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my own’

Adam’s interactive play and that window moment when the penny drops for Hannah about him and Jessa

Hannah raiding the snack cupboard on her first day at GQ

Shosh smoking crack (by accident) 

The beach house episode from Season 3 (and the dancing scene)

Marnie’s relationships – they break my heart

Adam admitting his feelings to Hannah for the first time


It is inspiring, intriguing, uplifting and upsetting in one big bundle. But most importantly it makes you feel less alone; that you’ve got some mates out there going through similar things. Lena Dunham is one of my favourite writers of our generation – she absolutely nailed it. (Have you seen her first film ‘Tiny Furniture’?)

(BAFTAS tonight! New post coming tomorrow about the winners – can’t wait)

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