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The Power of TV

There’s a lot to be excited about this year; television, television and television. Well, look at the recent presidential inauguration and Brexit drama – it’s best to escape isn’t it? Let’s delve deep into our fantasy lands and run off to a happy place. (Apart from the fact some shows are not always happy – take Taboo for example – blimey).

I jest, of course. It’s not all about escapism. TV can truly make a difference. I feel less alone and empowered when I watch Girls. I laugh my little heart out when Modern Family comes on. I see the smile in my Dad’s eyes when Only Fools and Horses plays. It makes a wonderful addition to our daily lives. And can inspire us to achieve things we never thought possible.

I suppose that’s why I chose to write/talk about film and television instead of theatre. I do love theatre – I find it such an enjoyable and rewarding experience as an actress. You can completely immerse yourself in a world, whereas on film sets there is a lot of stopping and starting. And while, like theatre, there are crowds of people around you, your audience is actually a tiny camera; it is very technical and jarring at times. Then again film and television has no boundaries. You are not limited to a room. You can be on set in Australia, in America, in the outer Hebrides. The possibilities are endless. And I love this.


Anyway – I digress. We’re clued up on films because of the Oscars whispers, but what about television? Here are my picks – current and upcoming. And, by gum, they look promising.


Apple Tree Yard– Sundays on BBC One. I watched the first episode and was at the end of my seat. Who knew a tiny alley could be so menacing?

Fortitude – Thursdays on Sky Atlantic. Season 2 is back and it stars Dennis Quaid. I watched the first season – and it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But who doesn’t love Dennis and think of The Parent Trap every time they see him?!

Girls – February on Sky Atlantic. I couldn’t recommend this show enough

Big Little Lies – Coming soon to HBO

The Deuce – Starring the glorious Maggie Gyllenhaal

I Love Dick – From the makers of Transparent. Starring Kevin Bacon and coming soon to Amazon Prime

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Adaptation of JK Rowling’s novel. Coming soon to the BBC

Curb Your Enthusiasm – That’s right, it’s back! Soon….

Doctor Foster 2 – On the BBC. I can’t wait for this one

Game of Thrones – The last ever series will be returning this year (I’m still on season 2, uh oh)

Stranger Things 2 – Keep calm. It’s coming back. BARB?! (Word on the street is that she’s alive..)

Harlots – As mentioned in a previous post this new drama, about 18th century women, looks right up my street

Catastophe – Back later this year


I’m still ploughing through The Man in the High Castle – i’m just quite addicted. And Broadchurch with my sister. I’VE DONE IT, PEOPLE. I’VE GOT HER INTO SOME PROPER TELEVISION. None of this reality stuff – no Geordie Shore. Actual, proper television. With real actors and everything.

*Takes a bow*

Thank you, thank you.

PS New website coming soon.

Screenster x





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