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Sully was director Clint Eastwood’s latest film based on the true story of the US Airways flight that landed on the Hudson River back in 2009. If you aren’t into aviation and planes, hold tight. This fascinating man who successfully landed the plane and saved all 155 lives on board, deserves to have his story told.

He might be a hero but this is an unfussy tale. Told with dignity, poise and clarity, just like Captain Sullenberger /Sully himself, this is no glamorised, over-hyped film. For such an incident that happened over a short period of time, you would be forgiven for worrying how Eastwood is going to fill the time in this film around the event itself. But what you don’t account for is that the director plants a seed of doubt in our minds. Did the Captain make the right choice? Or did he unnecessarily put all passengers on board in danger?

Tom Hanks was the perfect choice for this character, and Aaron Eckhart as Sully’s co-pilot Jeff Skiles, makes a wonderful addition. The story is played out thoughtfully and – as much as I can imagine – did justice to the real life incident. Without over-dramatising it, the audience is left on the edge of their seat for a large part of the film. All the while being guided by Hanks’s calming presence.

It’s a brilliant blend and you must see it. I think it’s the first film in a while I’ve seen that I would happily watch again tomorrow.

Happy 1st day back to work. Stay tuned for a post about more aviation on your screens. Inspired by Sully (and by my family – lots of who worked in the aviation industry). You will be fascinated by how many airfields are the backdrops for television and film productions!

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P.S – I know I’m late to the party on Sully as it has now been in cinemas for a little while. Forgive me 🙂


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