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London Short Film Festival

You guessed it. This post will teach you how to play the oboe.

Just kidding* It’s about the LSFF (I did used to play the oboe for 7 years though – don’t knock it).

It’s a wonderful event in London from 6th – 15th January, showcasing some of the most interesting and creative filmmakers and actors around.

Go and watch a film if you can. My picks?

Your Mother and I by Anna Maguire – a lovely actress I worked on reception (yes, the day job) with a few months ago, (incidentally, she was the young girl in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ too) and director of this film.

New Shorts: Funny Shit – A collection of comedy shorts showing on Friday evening. A great way to wash away the January blues.

Sweet Maddie Stone by the wonderful Brady Hood. A lovely director I met when I was searching for a job back in the days of working behind the camera and a filmmaker who I very much hope to work with as an actress in the future. Catch this on January 12th.

I know the idea of a short film doesn’t appeal to everyone. They don’t appear on mainstream television or on demand that often, so even though they sound cute and miniature – a lot of people are nonplussed by the idea. But have a watch of some if you can. I was taken to my first short film festival in Australia when I worked there back in the glory days. That was where I watched my favourite short film for the first time. Well – I had two favourites. By the same director – Nash Edgerton, brother of Joel Edgerton – you might know Joel from films such as The Great Gatsby. Don’t be too quick to dismiss shorts. They contain some of the best and promising talent and filmmakers of the future.

(#1 Favourite ‘Bear’ // #2 Favourite ‘Spider’

For more information about this festival, click on the link below. And have fun! (Sorry to my friends and followers overseas – let me know what film/television festivals you best enjoy near you!)

Screenster x


*That was really funny, right?


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