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Live by Night. Sing on Streets.

I watched Live by Night yesterday at the Picturehouse with my dad. It wasn’t my favourite but you know what i’m like – I don’t want to be a negative Nancy – so I won’t bang on about it. I will say though that it was stylish and had an excellent cast.  And my dad enjoyed it which makes me happy. But it had a lot of story lines going on that it almost couldn’t keep up with itself. I won’t tell you to go and see it in a rush – especially with everything else in the cinema that’s coming out at the moment. But if you do see it, you miiiiiight enjoy it – you never know.

I have, over the course of today however, added a film to my favourites list. And this is a pretty good feat. My friend Charlie and my new friend Tom (who is also a film buff – also, lol that I just said new friend, I feel like a school kid) recommended it to me. So I gave it a try…

Sing Street on Netflix

It’s magical.

Understated, brilliant acting, love story, songs. It’s a winning combination. I recommend it enough. And it really is simple. An independent film made by director John Carney who specialises in low budget indie films and turns them into works of art.

Please have a watch if you have a spare evening or afternoon. Go on – I know you might be mid TV series and forget about this recommendation. But don’t. It will fill you with hope and joy.

Screenster x



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