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Films at the Weekend

I hope you had wonderful weekends. I did a clothes swap with friends (yes it’s a thing – one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure) and did some filming for a short film. I was also supposed to watch The Impractical Jokers at the O2 last night. Sadly it didn’t happen. I do find them funny but soon everyone is going to know their faces and the Trigger Happy-style jokes aren’t going to work!

I developed a wisdom tooth infection (fun) and am on antibiotics because I look like a chipmunk on one side of my face. Which is even better because my face was a bit lop-sided during filming and had to give the director a heads up about cheating the camera angles. PERFECT TIMING TOOTH FAIRIES, THANK YOU.

In better news, I saw Manchester By the Sea at my favourite cinema; Brixton Ritzy (which i’m a member of – get your Picturehouse membership, they’re so great!). My full review is coming to XXY Magazine shortly but for now I will say this…

It’s a wonderful film – perfectly directed and superbly acted. Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams are absolutely stunning in it, as is newcomer Lucas Hedges. It is a no frills story that is as heartbreaking as it is realistic. Life isn’t perfect and it is difficult. But there are subtle nuances in the events, the relationships – that draw the audience in and make us feel better because it is relatable (apart from the horrific incident that takes place – I pray to God no one ever has to relate to this!). The film includes welcome moments of humour too.

Please go and see it if you get time this week. Happy Monday.



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