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La La Land

I saw La La Land at BAFTA on Friday night. You have to see it when it comes out in January. It is truly spectacular.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have perfect chemistry. The film is shot using the wide-angled CinemaScope. Scenes are performed in single takes. There is romance. There is struggle. There is glitz. There is glamour. It has it all.

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Tipped for the Oscars next year, Damien Chazelle’s newest film is a breath of fresh air. It harps back to a golden age of cinema with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It is at times unashamedly happy and other times, deeply rooted in reality.


And that is why we love it. There is no pretence, no modernisation. Chazelle recognises the glory of the golden age of Old Hollywood and pays tribute to it wonderfully. And still puts his own stamp on it. In one big magical bundle.

Do you know XXY Magazine? You can read my reviews of Paterson and Chi Raq up on their website here. My full review of La La Land will be up there soon 🙂

(Last Tango in Halifax is back tonight at 9pm on BBC One for the first installment of a two-part Christmas special. Look out for it – it is a wonderful show.)




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