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Homes in Films

I’m in Whitstable! (Have you been?) I’m here for a weekend away with my bestests. I booked a cottage a few months ago for a Christmas retreat and it’s been wonderful. 

SPEAKING of retreats, it got me thinking about cosy Christmas films that feature amazing houses. (Why not?) Take The Holiday for example – ever wanted to visit somewhere like Kate Winslet’s country bumpkin house, Rosehill Cottage? Well in this case I have a fun fact for you; it’s a FACADE! That’s right. If you try to search for the house you won’t find it. The exterior was built for the sole purpose of this film and after, was swiftly removed. If you ever tried to walk through it, you would have found a shell and also been escorted away by security. Ah the magical world of film. It is so deceiving.
So what other wonderful festive houses feature in films? Here’s a little list I started compiling:
Anything in a Nancy Meyers film, such as these two….
Father of the Bride (House in California)
It’s Complicated (House in Santa Barbara)
And also…
The Family Stone (House in Connecticut)
Obviously the Home Alone house
You can rent this house in Cornwall featured in About Time – it sleeps 21 people!
While You Were Sleeping (This house is in Chicago)
Miracle on 34th Street (House in Illinois)
It’s been so nice getting out of London. Why not do the same? You can have a holiday and perhaps visit a film set at the same time!
Happy Sunday friends. 

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