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Christmas Drama

Have you seen it? The BBC One montage? The ITV mash up? The Channel 4 screen medley?

You know the ones – the ones that get you hooked. The ones that make you want to go out and buy a Radio Times magazine (I always do. A Radio Times mag is for life, not just for Christmas) The ones that give you a glimpse into the great TV of the future.

As i’m sure you’re aware, there will be a LOT of reality content on your screens this festive period. But i’m not interested in them. I think they’re like junk food. Great for that moment (and I do appreciate that a lot of people like that moment) but with no lasting positive effects. With good DRAMA however, comes great responsibility. To pass on the message. To spread the word about the actors who are doing their job well. To take home warm feelings and touching messages.

I’m going to list a few here but i’m sorry if they don’t actually turn out to be good. What’s nice though is knowing that a few of us are sitting on our sofas, watching the same thing. Tuning into a new drama, hoping it will be decent. And because i’m not a previewer, I currently don’t have access to the TV before you do – so that I can test the waters. But it’s always promising when you do see new dramas. Because they hopefully WILL be good. And it reminds me there are still lots of jobs out there for actors. (Fingers crossed)

To name a few:

Call the Midwife
Grantchester (Robson Green)
Maigret’s Dead Men (Rowan Atkinson!)
Sherlock (Never seen it but I tried giving it to my Dad on DVD last Christmas. Not sure how successful I was…)
Outnumbered (All grown up)
The Witness for the Prosecution (Kim Cattrall, you superstar)
Last Tango in Halifax (A great series)
To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters (Finally – a few actors on the screen I haven’t seen before)
Still Open all Hours (A classic – I can’t leave it out)

And to look out for in the cinema?

Chi-Raq (Out NOW – Spike Lee’s take on Aristophane’s classic ‘Lysistrata’)
Bleed for This (Out NOW – It has mixed reviews but I can’t wait to see it)
Mr Right (Out NOW- Again – not great reviews but it features Anna Kendrick and I love her)
Moana (Out NOW – My best friend Rachel would absolutely love this)
Sully (Out NOW – Mixed reviews but I love pilots (insert laughter here) so I want to see it. Plus I love Clint Eastwood and he directed this
Office Christmas Party (Out 7th December. A fun, festive treat)
Birth of a Nation (Out 9th December)
I Am Not a Serial Killer (Out 9th December. Starring Laura Fraser)
The Pass (Out December 9th. This is on my must see list. It stars the brilliant Russell Tovey and Arinze Kene)
Rogue One (Out December 16th)
Ballerina (Starring Elle Fanning. Out December 19th)
Passengers (Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Out December 21st)
Why Him? (Starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston. Out December 26th)
Collateral Beauty (Starring Helen Mirren and Will Smith. Out December 30th)

Don’t say I don’t do anything for you…



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