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American Honey

I watched American Honey today. It’s not for everyone but I loved it. Shia LaBoeuf, you scare and impress me in equal measure. Sasha Lane, you did brilliantly as a newbie. Riley Keough, you are a wonderful actress.

Andrea Arnold’s direction was captivating. The camera lingers on uncomfortable scenes. Close ups reveal their festering lifestyles. The beautiful scenery contrasts with the issues that are really at play.

Arnold gets under the skin of Star, the film’s protagonist, played by Lane. We follow her journey from running away from her family, to hitting the road with a group of travelling salesmen. But these aren’t ordinary salesmen. This feels like a cult and it ain’t pretty. But sometimes it is. The shots range from back seat views in a mini van; sunlight shining onto the group’s faces as they drive the long roads to their next job. The dancing in the car parks. The flirting. The tension. The lust.

Whatever your focus, this film is a hit. It might hit in uncomfortable places but you can’t deny Arnold’s sway. She did good.

Happy Tuesday. Look out for Dirty Dancing on Channel 5 at 9pm!

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