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1st of December

It’s started, friends. Get your festive hat on, get the woolly jumpers out, get the log fire burning, warm up the mince pies, pop open your advent calendar’s first window.


I know what you’re all dying to know. What IS my favourite Christmas film? Well I’m prepared because I’ve compiled a trusty list for you. My bestests. From 1 – 10.

In descending order:

10 – Jack Frost – A  heartwarming story of a boy whose dad is reincarnated as a snowman (it always gets me)

9 – A Christmas Carol – in whatever format. I pride myself at having starred in the (second) biggest role in our school production of this play. And yes it was in March that we performed it. As you do

8 – Home Alone – I find it terrifying and exhilarating all at once. For that I thank you, Macaulay Culkin, and the scary burglars

7 – While You Were Sleeping – This film will always remind me of my old housemate and one of my best friends, Cess. We had an epic film-watching session one Christmas afternoon and I will love it every Christmas forever more

6 – Miracle on 34th Street – My childhood. All over (I mean the film – not the glorious apartment in New York or the fact that she wished for a brother and got it)

5 – Love Actually – I know every line inside out. And feel like I have watched it every day. I even tire of it sometimes. But it will never stop being a classic

4 – The Holiday – Oh Kate. You in your tiny cottage. Can I live there too please?

3 – Frozen – Sisters! Disney! A cute reindeer! It’s not necessarily designed for Christmas but it involves snow, family and friends. So OF COURSE it’s making the list

2 – The Family Stone – This is one of my favourite films. I love the family, the bickering, the cosy home, the fact Diane Keaton reminds me of my mum. It’s wonderful.

1 – Elf – You can’t beat it. The funniest Christmas film I’ll ever know. (Apart from the ending – which gets less funny. But I’ll allow it)

Above is a picture of me, my Grandma and my mum a couple of Christmases ago. My Grandma isn’t alive anymore but we’ll be thinking of you in spirit. And of others we miss.

Enjoy this month, friends. Happy 1st.



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