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The Dry Season

HA! Who am I kidding. It’s WINTER here in the UK. It’s mostly rainy, stormy and cold. Not dry. Not hot. Cold.

But i’ll tell you who is dry. Me. Well – my sense of humour. Despite the fact I saw a pantomime last week. I cannot stand slapstick comedy that doesn’t have wittiness behind it. In fact – it takes a lot for me to like slapstick anything without cleverness behind it. Though I do love the likes of Green Wing, The Mighty Boosh, and Norman Wisdom’s shows. Which could be called slapstick. Though they are entirely clever all at once and punctuated with moments where…..blink and you miss it. And that’s the type of stuff I love. The kind of humour you have to search for and it’s not shoved in your face. Like The Big Bang Theory for example. I really don’t like it. (Sorry to the fans out there and even to my dad whose humour scale I normally adhere to). But i’m listening to Amy Schumer’s audiobook and even she openly admits she doesn’t like it.

Well anyway – i’m going to two more pantomimes in December with my family. It’s our tradition. And I love them. Because if you sit, and wait, the great moments come along. And it’s coupled with CHRISTMAS! So what’s there not to love.

It’s nearly the 1st December. There are so many wonderful films to look out for:

Paterson (as you know) – you MUST see

Chi-Raq – December 2nd

Bleed for This – December 2nd

Moana (DISNEY!) – December 2nd

Sully – December 2nd

The Pass – December 9th

Passengers – December 21st







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